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 As you already know, My Yoga Journey is the passport to surviving and even thriving in peri/menopause. By improving your menopause both on and off the mat, it becomes the catalyst for change and the gateway to a happier and healthier YOU. 

Has your partner commented on how much more relaxed you are?

Has a colleague paid you a compliment at work?

Have your friends/family noticed that you've changed? 

Are others wanting to know exactly WHAT it is you're doing that's helping you thrive during this stage of life?

Don't hide your light under a bushel; it's time to spread the word and help others tap into all the benefits of menopause yoga. 


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Can you imagine earning commission for all your friends, family, and colleagues who sign up to MYJ following your recommendation?

Can you imagine saving money on your membership fees for your active referrals?

Can you imagine your membership fees becoming zero and actually making money from your active referrals?

Well, imagine no more, as our MYJ Referral Programme is designed to compensate you for EVERY referral of yours that joins MYJ.


Because it's our way of rewarding loyal members for spreading the word about menopause yoga, and for helping us grow our membership platform. Plus, it's a great way to ensure women all over the world get to experience and enjoy all the benefits of MYJ's holistic programme and practices, just like you do.


Here's how you can reap the rewards:

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2. Receive a unique 'share link' to send to your family, friends, and colleagues who are struggling with menopause, and who may be curious about yoga.

3. Receive a 20% commission on EVERY referral of yours that sign-ups using your link.

4. Enjoy quarterly payouts for all your referrals to help offset your membership fees. 

 5. Enjoy your commission as long as your referral(s) remains a member.


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