Discover the benefits of yoga for menopause

Discover all the magical benefits of yoga during menopause with this free chapter from my best-selling eBook: "Beat Menopause With Yoga - How To Get Incredible Results at Home".

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The benefits of yoga are endless

Hi there - I'm Julie, and I wrote this e-book so that you will be able to discover all the amazing benefits that yoga has to offer during menopause. It will also help you create a home yoga practice that will get you the results you crave.

When it comes to practising yoga at this stage of life, it can be a daunting experience with most women unsure how to start and what they should be doing. 

My e-book comprises 12 chapters of practical tips and advice to help women unlock the secrets of a home practice and beat menopause by banishing your symptoms. 

Download this FREE chapter to discover just how yoga can transform your mind and body at this stage in life. Then, get ready to roll out your mat!


Julie Ann Garrido 🙏

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Here's what you will learn:

✅ The benefits of yoga for mind and body at this stage of life.

✅ Specifically why a home yoga practice is preferable to a gym or studio.

✅ Which styles of yoga work best in menopause.

✅ How to create momentum in your home practice.

✅ The 5 C’s to a successful home yoga practice.

✅ Why we abandon yoga at home and the pitfalls to avoid.

✅ Why a guided practice always works best.

✅ Learn the secrets behind My Yoga Journey - our proven program powered by yoga and so much more.

…as well as 7 key resources to inspire, motivate, and keep you on track when things seem especially tough.

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