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Discover why people abandon home yoga in my new book: "Beat Menopause With Yoga - How To Get Incredible Results at Home".

For women who are sick and tired of feeling sick and tired

"Hi there - I'm Julie and I wrote this book so that you will be able to discover an extraordinary yet simple way to finally take control of your menopause journey all with the power of a home yoga practice.

Sadly many people abandon yoga before they've really got going. They miss out on all the benefits and I don't want the same to happen to you!

So, if you want to make sure you are practicing in the best way possible, download this FREE chapter that will tell you what pitfalls to avoid so that you can set up a home practice that will have you returning to the mat over and over.

Alternatively, you can purchase the full book below for just £5.99 GBP and discover the real secrets to getting INCREDIBLE results."


Julie Ann Garrido 🙏

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Here's what you will learn:
  • Why yoga is so beneficial at this stage of life.
  • Specifically why a home practice is preferable to a gym or studio.
  • Which styles of yoga work best to help you most in peri/menopause.
  • How to create momentum in your home practice.
  • The 5 C’s to a successful home yoga practice.
  • Why some people abandon home yoga and the pitfalls to avoid.
  • Why a guided practice always works best.
  • The secrets behind My Yoga Journey - our proven wellness program powered by yoga and so much more.
  • …as well as a 7 key resources to inspire, motivate, and keep you on track when things seem especially tough.

All yours for only £5.99 GBP today!

I am on a mission to help a million ladies master their menopause misery, so why don't you become one of them?   

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