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As good as therapy

When I first met Julie, yoga was completely new to me and I had no idea what to expect. She immediately put me at ease and gave me lots of help and encouragement. She checks in with me every week and always sends me homework to practice. I love the themes that she comes up with for each lesson, they are so inspirational. I always look forward to my Wednesday class – it can’t come soon enough!  

Linda B

My flexibility has really improved

Thanks to Julie, I have started to regain my strength and flexibility. I used to have a private yoga teacher before I came to live in Miami so I knew what to expect. Life has been really stressful recently but Julie’s weekly lesson is really helping to put things into perspective and rise above everything. I can definitely see a big improvement in my flexibility.

Carolina B

A whole new world

Before I met Julie, I thought yoga was only for the young slim girls you see on Instagram. I never thought that I would like it or even be able to do. But with her gentle persuasion and lovely British accent, I have amazed myself with what I can now do. What’s even more surprising is how much I love it. My favorite part of the lesson is Svasana. I always feel awesome after!

Joanne S

What a stress buster!

I did not realize how stressed I was until I started Julie’s lessons. I have never been able to make studio classes due to my job so private teaching was my only solution. My friend recommended Julie to me and she has really helped me de-stress and breathe correctly. She has a sweet personality and really cares about what she does.

Rick C

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