Five reasons why you should consider a yoga retreat

Julie Garrido is kneeling teaching a student in Downward Dog at a sunny Caribbean yoga retreat in the outdoors
A yoga retreat offers something for everyone including those who don't practie yoga.

OK, so stay with me when I say this….you don’t need to practice yoga to take part in a yoga retreat. “But it’s called a yoga retreat… yoga is in the name.” Yep, I know it sounds crazy but I promise you, you don’t even need to know what yoga is, never mind be an expert at it.

Having recently completed my first yoga retreat this year, I feel compelled to drive home this message. My non-yogi husband (and I mean NON-yogi) accompanied me and we had an absolute blast from start to finish. It was such fun that we’ve decided to host our very own retreat in the same beautiful location next year. My husband was not the only one without yoga experience, there were several others too and none of them felt misplaced. In fact, quite the opposite.

Still not convinced? Then here are five reasons why you should add a yoga retreat to your wish list.

Learn something new

For those of you who are new to yoga, it’s a great opportunity to learn something new and for the more experienced, it’s a wonderful way to deepen your practice in a beautiful location and embrace new styles of yoga.

Meet like-minded people

It’s a great opportunity to meet others with a shared passion or interest. You begin the week as complete strangers and then leave as friends. Plus, it’s a wonderful experience for those who are travelling alone - you couldn’t be made more welcome.

Do something for you

A yoga retreat is so more than just a vacation. It’s almost like stepping outside of life as you know it and re-connecting with yourself: peeling back the layers and discovering YOU for the first time. Plus, you will return feeling refreshed, renewed and restored.

A change of habit

We all get stuck in patterns of behaviour and repeat the same old routines, and vacations are no different. A yoga retreat is an opportunity to step outside of your comfort zone, challenge yourself to try something new, and find inspiration from your experience.

More than just yoga

Whether it’s whale watching, lazing on a private beach, hiking through the hills, horseback riding, expanding your mind with a mini workshop, or simply enjoying a good book with a glass of wine, you can revel in a variety of new and exciting activities that will make for an unforgettable stay.

If this inspires you to spread your wings and try a retreat for the first time, check out Yourself Yoga’s next wellness retreat in North Carolina. All are welcome, including those who have never stepped on a yoga mat before, and there’s quite literally something for everyone. Visit

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