7 reasons why you should consider private yoga online

Taking one-to-one virtual yoga lessons has never been easier.

Ever since our lives were turned upside down with Covid, yoga classes that were once enjoyed in a formal studio setting are now being taught online.

In such a short period of time, live yoga classes taken in the comfort of your own home have become an accepted and affordable way to keep up your practice. Such is the popularity of these classes that it’s actually inspired many to take up yoga for the first time.

But what about private online tuition?

For me personally, private online tuition is not something new. Living thousands of miles away from friends and family in the UK meant that if they wanted to enjoy my teaching, they would have to practice with me online. All they do is login to Zoom each week for their very own private class.

If the concept of virtual classes is new to you, here are 7 good reasons why it's worth considering now, more than ever:

1. Yoga with an expert

Unlike practicing yoga on YouTube, you would be working one-to-one with an expert who can see and correct your alignment in real time. Not only that, you will be safely guided through each pose, learning the intention and benefits of each one. And, should you ever have a question, you simply stop and ask. No pressing pause to rewind, or even worse second guessing what you should be doing.

2. Zoom and you’re off

Taking live virtual classes couldn’t be easier thanks to Zoom. All you need is your tablet, computer or laptop, together with a decent wifi signal and that’s it. You will receive a link to your class for each session and with one simple click you will be connected with your teacher. No sign up or fees are required for Zoom. What’s more, you will also receive a playback of the class so you can practice in between lessons.

3. Yoga as and when you want

As well as being able to schedule a time and day that fits in with you, taking private lessons online also saves on time and reduces stress. No driving or looking for a parking space and walking to a studio, you simply connect online and away you go.

4. Lay the foundations

Private virtual classes are a great way to get you started. Many beginners feel intimidated joining an online group class for the first time. Investing in a package of online private lessons means you can lay the foundations for your practice and learn the correct way from the get-go. Click here to find out how it works.

5. You are in safe hands

Private online lessons are tailormade to account for any injuries or medical conditions you may have. For instance, one of my UK clients wants to improve all round flexibility but has a problem with her lower back. Therefore, her lessons are carefully sequenced to help her achieve her goal without compromising her back issues. Interested? Click here to submit your details.

6. Meet your goals

Private online yoga means you can set personal goals at the outset and then work closely with your teacher to attain them, unlike YouTube classes that are simply for everyone. Whether it’s body toning, flexibility, relaxation, or even stress relief, each of your classes will be designed to help you reach your goals.

7. Share the cost

If you want to reduce the cost of your lessons, why not share your lesson with a friend/family member? Providing you are both at a similar level of experience, it’s a great way to reduce the cost and increase the fun.

Interested in making that first step? Click here to reach out to Yourself Yoga where we specialize in private tuition, both in person and online, and where we will nurture you every step of the way on your yoga journey.

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