Fall in love with Fall; practice yoga, meditation and self-care when seasons change

One of the most beautiful seasons is upon us. Days are shorter, temperatures cooler and the leaves are a stunning mix of orange, yellows and reds. Kids are back at school, seasonal treats fill the stores, and there’s a wonderful feeling of change in the air. However, Fall can also bring some personal challenges too.

As the seasons change, our body responds accordingly. During Fall, we may find that our physical activity begins to slow, we want to sleep longer as the hours of daylight are shorter, and despite its beauty, it’s common for our mood to take a dip at this time of year.

Less daylight means our serotonin levels drop, making us crave more comfort foods - particularly high carbs to keep us warm and full. Our metabolism slows down so we may gain a few pounds, and our motivation to exercise decreases too leaving us feeling sluggish. It’s also common for our bones and joints to feel more achy.

Yoga’s sister science, Ayurveda, defines all of this as a ‘Vata’ inbalance - Vata being one of the three Doshas that not only defines our individual nature, they define foods and herbs, as well as the seasons that are necessary to keep both our mind and body in balance. So, how do we balance our Vata and learn to love Fall?

- Make sure our diet includes plenty of warm and freshly cooked foods. Give the salads a miss.

- Drink lots of warm soothing beverages such as herbal teas or ginger in hot water to prevent dehydration. Avoid cold drinks and minimize caffine.

- Enjoy long and luxurious Epsom Salt baths to relieve aches and pains

- Introduce a daily oil massage to prevent dry skin.

- Practice daily yoga that includes plenty of grounding, balance and twisting poses.

- Get plenty of sleep – bring bedtime forwards.

- Meditate every day to calm our mind and mood.

- Journal daily to organize our thoughts and de-clutter the mind.

- Keep a strict daily routine to keep grounded.

- Surround ourselves with positive people.

So, there you have it: Fall is a time of change, when we look inwards and embrace all the changes that the season brings. If we are in tune with nature's intelligence, and in tune with our own body's needs, then there’s no reason why we can’t fall in love with Fall without losing our balance. So, stay healthy and strong and enjoy all the amazing changes that Fall brings.

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Photo by Dan Freeman on Unsplash