Find Yourself. Accept yourself. Be Yourself. Love yourself.

Through the practice of yoga, you can discover yourself. Self-acceptance is the key to loving yourself for who you truly are.

Remember having to make decisions at school about what job you would like to do and what future you envisaged? Some people seemed to have a natural born talent that propelled them into being who they are today. However, back then, most of us never really knew where our talents lay and what we wanted - in fact many of us still don’t. Most of this centers around not knowing deep down who we really are. Hence, we end up falling into jobs, roles and relationships that don’t fulfil us.

It may sound strange to those who don’t have a regular yoga practice but yoga can really help you find yourself. Yoga goes way beyond the physical poses; it’s also a strong mental and spiritual practice that can help create a space for you to slow down and focus on yourself. When you concentrate on your breathing and your body, you begin to observe all the negative and destructive emotions that you may be holding onto. Over time, this will enable you to either accept yourself as you are or to release these emotions and let them go.

Getting to know who you truly are, and not the person think you should be, is a key step towards self-acceptance. Once you find yourself and accept yourself, you can simply be yourself and begin to love yourself for who you are. There may be times in life where you may feel lost or distracted, but if you have your own identity, you’ll be able to get back on track. Of course, it’s always easier to follow everyone else and to live your life according to what someone else thinks. However, have the courage to stand your ground and be yourself…for as Oscar Wilde said: “Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” When you stay true to who you are, the directions you need to take in life in order to achieve your goals will become a whole lot clearer.

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