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Change your mindset, change your menopause

Woman adding a smiley face to a row of sad faces.
We hold the power to change our menopause and it all starts with our mindset.

If you are curious to know what our mindset has to do with menopause, then read on.

Our mindset has EVERYTHING to do with menopause and how we approach the next chapter of our life.

Why? Because once we shift our mindset, everything on the outside shifts with it and that includes our menopause journey.

It’s proven that fluctuations in levels of estrogen and progesterone can have a profound effect on our mental state. Yet whilst there are endless sources of help and advice covering all the physical symptoms of menopause, there’s very little support for our mental and emotional wellbeing.

The onset of menopause can have a disturbing effect on our mind; leaving us sucked into a cycle of negativity, anxiety, mood swings, overwhelm, irritability and even depression. In fact, the incidence of depression during menopause actually doubles during this time, and sadly for those of us who may have struggled in the past with depression or anxiety, we may see a resurgence in symptoms.

As a result of all these mental changes, our self-confidence, self-worth and self-belief evaporates right before our very eyes. Our inner critic takes over and at times, it can be hard to recognise the person we have become.

Unfortunately, the onset of menopause can also coincide with other life-changing events. Grown up children fleeing the nest, aged parents requiring more care, and as empty nest syndrome bites hard, we are faced with adapting to a new role and a very different future.

Needless to say, negativity runs rampant, and it can become all too easy to feel like we are now on the scrap heap with little to look forward. This is where a major shift in our mindset is needed.

The attitude with which we embark upon our transition into menopause can have a tremendous impact on our experience of it, as well as on our choice of behaviors. For instance, the more catastrophic your thoughts about hot flashes, the more intense they will be!

There is growing evidence that the absence of positive thoughts can have a greater negative impact on our health and well-being than does the presence of negative ones. It has also been shown that changing these negative thoughts and attitudes can result in a reduction of symptoms.

But here’s the thing. The solution to changing our menopause lies right before our eyes. We hold the power to change the quality of our life and it all starts with our mindset.

By shifting our mindset to one of positivity and drowning out our inner-critic, we can flush out the self-limiting beliefs and stop menopause from manipulating our mind and body. We can then step into a life that is driven by the power of endless possibilities.


Menopause need not be the end, it can be the start of a whole new and exciting chapter of our life.

It need not define us.

We don’t have to stay stuck watching the magic fade.

We can emerge stronger.

We can grow.

If we change our mindset, WE CAN CHANGE OUR MENOPAUSE!

If you are ready to stop menopause from controlling your life and want to learn all the tools and techniques to change your life and your mindset, sign up for one of our Masterclasses below:

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