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Are you practicing or learning yoga?

Open laptop showing a yoga video surrounded by Practice Calendars and yoga block
Combine learning with practicing to elevate your practice and conquer menopause too

When I first started practicing yoga and began to master some of the poses, I thought I was on my way to being an expert. But little did I realise that my learning had only just begun!

You see, learning the poses is just one tiny aspect of yoga. There’s so much more to this wonderful practice that even the most advanced yoga gurus find it hard to say they know everything. Our learning never stops in yoga.

Most of us learn yoga by showing up for a class. However, how much do we really learn in a class? Teachers can’t break down every pose and alignment cues can be misinterpreted. Also, in a group class, often we can’t see the teacher properly and end up following the person in front of us whilst desperately hoping they are doing it right!

That’s why learning yoga alongside practicing yoga is so important. Not only can it advance our practice considerably; it can save us from injury too.

For instance, knowing when and how to use the breath is the single biggest game changer to our practice. Some even say that the breath IS the practice. It’s more than following the commands to ‘inhale’ or ‘exhale’, and it’s totally worthy of a class of its own.

Or, what about the energetics of the body, the Chakras? Or the importance of the spine; inversions and back bends? And what about yoga specifically for menopause? These topics are barely covered in general yoga classes, yet our knowledge and understanding of these critical elements could transform our practice considerably.

So, how do we learn more? We could try reading, but then there’s a million books to choose from and some are so in-depth that they are really aimed at yoga teachers. Or we could attend workshops and short courses to supplement our knowledge, but again, these can be random and not always relevant to our practice.

By far the best solution is to join a yoga community or membership where you learn alongside your practice. My Yoga Journey is ideal for beginners and is specifically at women in peri/menopause. Comprising 7 stages, each one takes you on a journey of discovery - with learning that can be implemented right away on your mat. Complete with monthly Practice Calendars and a dedicated community of other women who are all on the same journey as you, it combines the best of both worlds..

My Yoga Journey not only lays the foundations for a solid yoga practice, it leads to a happy and healthy mind and body that will help you wave goodbye to the misery of menopause. And guess what the first stage is all about? The breath, of course.

If you are interested in learning and practicing yoga that's just right for you and your body, check out our online memberships and begin your own journey or learning and practicing yoga.

You can also join our Facebook group Yoga for Peri/Menopause and enjoy free tips and advice and meet other like-minded women who are undergoing the same challenges as you.