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What to expect at a menopause wellness retreat

Endless relaxation activities at a menopause wellness retreat
Just some of the relaxing activities to enjoy at a menopause wellness retreat where ME TIME is the order of the day

If you’re already thinking smoothies, liposuction, vigorous exercise or walking on hot coals, then please read on – you will be pleasantly surprised.

Every wellness retreat is different in terms of its itinerary and objectives but the one thing they all have in common is ME TIME and lots of it.

It provides a much-needed respite from the stresses of everyday life. Like a bubble suspended in time, it’s a place where all commitments are left behind, including loved ones, and where you can do something just for YOU.

A retreat provides an exclusive setting for women who all have one thing in common - the desire to improve their wellbeing during menopause. And this alone provides comfort and support; knowing that you are not alone on this challenging journey.

Unlike family vacations or a girls’ weekend away, such a retreat offers fun and relaxation of a different sort and includes connection, education, adventure, and the chance to press reset.

We become so busy juggling work, family demands and menopause that we rarely pause and take stock. Wellness retreats are there to help us understand that we too deserve time out.

A typical day may start with gentle morning yoga and meditation and no, experience of either is not necessary. Daytime activities can include exploring the outdoors, enjoying the venue’s facilities, attending workshops, and indulging in pamper therapy. Evenings normally conclude with candlelight restorative yoga and maybe even a sound bath experience.

The real bonding and connection, however, takes place around the dining table, outdoors in the hot tub, on long walks or in late night chats around a log fire. And yes, that may include the odd glass of wine too.

The idea of sharing an immersive experience with strangers may seem daunting but one thing’s for sure; those same strangers will leave as friends, and you will have the knowledge and skills to better manage menopause and live a more peaceful and balanced life.

If this inspires you to try a retreat, check out our upcoming retreats in the UK and Overseas here.

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