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Why online yoga works best in menopause

lady kneeling on her yoga mat with outstretched arms with open laptop and dog laying next to her
Practice yoga with a menopause expert all from the comfort of your own home

Ever since our lives were turned upside down with Covid, more and more of us have turned to practicing yoga in the comfort of our own home. In fact, such is the popularity of online classes that it’s actually inspired many to take up yoga for the first time. For those of us struggling with menopause, establishing a home yoga practice brings multiple benefits as follows:

Enjoy yoga with an expert

Not many yoga teachers have the experience, expertise and certification required to teach yoga for menopause. Plus, it’s highly unlikely to find one on your doorstep. Such teachers fully understand the changes and challenges that menopause brings and can sequence yoga classes according to the wide array of symptoms that you may be facing. By practicing online, however, you can acess specialist yoga that is specifically designed for you and your body.

Yoga as and when you want

Finding suitable classes in your locality at a time and day that fits in with your busy schedule can be near impossible. Practicing yoga online not only enables you to practice yoga that is perfect for you, it saves time and reduces stress. No battling traffic, looking for a parking space and getting soaked walking to a studio, you simply connect online and away you go.

Perfect for beginners

Online yoga classes are a great way to get started. Many beginners feel intimidated or self-conscious joining a group yoga class for the first time. Investing in online yoga means you can stop-start the video when you need to rest or replay certain poses. It helps lay the foundations for your practice from the get-go.

A great confidence boost

Sadly, changes in our shape and unflattering weight gain in menopause can deter many of us from donning tight fitting yoga pants and joining a yoga public yoga class. However, with online yoga, there’s no need to look the part and there’s certainly no judgement. Simply roll out your mat at home and practice in your pjs if you like!

No distractions

Practicing at home means no distractions from others in a crowded yoga studio or gym and no more having to view the teacher from the back of the room. Online yoga means you can practice from the peace and privacy of your own home and go at your own speed without interruptions….unless your dog decides to join you Downward Dog!

Ready to give yoga a go?

If you want to start yoga but are unsure where to start? Our wellness membership is perfct for you. Go from menopause mastery to menopause misery with our guided practice calendars and over 200+ pieces of content. Find out more here.

You can also join our Facebook group 'Yoga for Peri/Menopause' and enjoy free tips, advice, yoga sequences, classes and meet other like-minded women who are undergoing the same challenges.

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