Why private yoga lessons in your home are simply the best way to learn

One-to-one private yoga tuition in the comfort of home is becoming popular as more and more people want to embark on their yoga journey..

As yoga continues to rise in popularity, more and more of us are on a mission to discover the wonderful benefits of this ancient practice. However, joining group classes at a studio is not for everyone which is why many are turning to one-to-one tuition. Whether you’re a complete beginner, need help with an injury, or simply want to take your practice to the next level, here are five reasons why you should open your mind to private lessons.

Tailormade classes

Private lessons can be customized to meet your needs; be that increased flexibility, relaxation, improved balance or posture. Working one-to-one also means you can go at your own pace and it’s much easier to define and measure your goals and intentions as you progress.

Learn the right way

Working closely and regularly with a private yoga teacher means you not only learn the correct alignment of every pose from the get-go, you learn the intention behind every pose too. You also get to benefit from hands-on modifications; helping you maximize the benefits of each pose.

In the privacy of your own home

Some private teachers offer lessons in their house which is great if you need to escape the distractions of your own home. However, experiencing private yoga in your home means you can say goodbye to travel and traffic and enjoy the luxury of one-to-one tuition in comfort and privacy. Most teachers bring all the equipment too.

A time to suit you

One of the biggest headaches with studio yoga is trying to find classes that fit in with your schedule. However, with a private instructor, you simply choose a regular day and time that’s convenient for yourself and let yoga come to you.

Boost your confidence

For some of us, it can be daunting to embark on a yoga journey. However, by developing a strong relationship with a private teacher, you will feel more comfortable discussing your worries and concerns which will help you overcome any confidence issues.

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