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Why short yoga sequences are more beneficial in menopause

Most yoga classes tend to be around 1 hour or longer. These classes not only demand a great deal of our time and energy they require a high level of motivation – especially when you factor in travel time too.

So, here are 8 reasons why practicing short yoga sequences regularly at home (a minimum of three times per week) can be just as effective if not BETTER than a 1 hour weekly yoga class when coping with peri/menopause.

1. Better time management: long classes can be difficult to fit in when there are so many other things that require our attention, especially during the week. Short sequences on the other hand are easy to squeeze into our day/night.

2. More energy: Our energy levels become more depleted during menopause. Tackling regular 1-hour classes is not for the faint hearted – unless it’s a restorative class which involves virtually no movement – whereas short sequences don’t tax our energy in the same way. In fact, they give us more energy as the body starts to move and fire up its systems.

3. Improved flexibility: during menopause, our flexibility becomes more compromised as estrogen dries out the tissues surrounding our joints. Practicing short sequences several times per week instead of just once weekly is WAY more beneficial for our joints as they more regular stretching helps prevents keeps them lubricated.

4. More motivation: it can be hard to find the motivation to roll out our yoga mat for a 1-hour class when menopause fatigue sets in, whereas as short sequence scores an easy win. Plus, avoiding or missing weekly classes soon creates a feeling of failure which leads to us abandoning our practice altogether.

5. Requires less strength: strength is different from energy as we can have the energy to start a class but towards the end of the class, our strength may be tested in the poses. A short sequence, however, can also challenge our strength but without pushing it to breaking point, which is why we can repeat it more often.

6. Easy to create a habit: practicing short sequences several times per week soon helps to create a habit that our body will grow accustomed to, unlike a weekly 1-hour practice. When we get into the habit of a regular short yoga practice, we soon become accustomed to stretching our body until it craves the benefits.

7. Snooze or we lose: as we age and particularly in menopause, we can soon begin to lose muscle tone, and this is not helped when our practice is sporadic. Our muscles have memories and by working them often, they keep their integrity and ability to perform better.

8. Variety is the spice of life: practicing short bursts means we can enjoy more variety. Whether it’s a short sequence for hips, low mood, anxiety, of brain fog, we can focus on specific menopause issues or even areas of the body that are better for us.

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