Access ONE solution for all your Menopause symptoms

Select Premier offers ONE solution to help alleviate your menopause symptoms

Through yoga and meditation that is especially created for menopause, you will see mental, emotional and physical improvements in most of your menopause woes, and best of all, it’s totally holistic – no pharmacy required!

Select Premier is a one-stop-shop for yoga that's just right for you and your body 

Let’s talk about who Select premier is really for:

  • You are sick are tired of feeling sick and tired
  • Your menopause symptoms are getting worse
  • You have tried multiple solutions to little avail
  • You no longer recognise the person you’ve become
  • You have lost your zest for life
  • You struggle to bend down
  • You are desperate to take back control
  • You’ve always fancied in trying yoga

But despite hearing how yoga can help, you remain unsure because:

  • You’re not sure where to begin
  • You can’t find yoga classes that are suitable
  • You don’t have the time to practice
  • You are worried that you won’t be able to do it
  • You are too inflexible
  • You’re a beginner and you think yoga is for the fit, young and flexible

Select helps women who are going through peri/menopause and who want to learn how yoga can help

You can join them too!

Enrollment is now closes until October '21.
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Here's what yoga can give you...


Deep refreshing sleep without clock-watching


No brain fog and better concentration


Goodbye fatigue, hello stamina


Confidence in you and your body


Flexibility that you have never known

Introducing Select Premier

This is what you get:

  • Over 100 yoga and meditation videos that are specifically designed for you and your body at this stage of life
  • Every video/audio is categorised according to menopause symptoms
  • An App that’s compatible with most mobiles and tablets
  • A dedicated Facebook group with support and advice
  • 7 Day Challenges for when you want to put your yoga skills to the test
  • A weekly e-update so you’re never alone on this journey
  • A new Podcast coming soon!

A few more results from some of our members

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Plus, Select Premier also includes....

 As part of your subscription, Select Premier – unlike other online yoga sites - also teaches you what yoga is all about, and sets you on a structured progress path. This unique 7-stage Progress Path is called My Yoga Journey and is helping achieve amazing results! 

From being a Brave Warrior stepping on the yoga mat for the very first time, to becoming a Victorious Warrior who is competent at yoga and lives it both on and off the mat, My Yoga Journey will give you all the training and support you need to enjoy yoga to the full and become a competent practitioner.

And remember, the better your yoga, the fewer menopause symptoms you will have!

A unique path to progress

 Here’s all the My Yoga Journey bonuses you can enjoy FREE when join Select Premier:

  • 7 clearly defined stages of a Progress Path
  • Learn yoga, meditation and journalling skills
  • Weekly Practice Calendars
  • Easy Action Steps
  • Simple Milestones
  • A Survey to monitor your symptoms
  • A Certificate of Achievement for each stage
  • Weekly LIVE Mastery classes
  • Group Coaching Clinics
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Here's what some of our members are saying about My Yoga Journey

Hi I'm Julie

I’m the founder of Yourself Yoga - a company that helps women navigate their menopause journey with the help of yoga and as I write this, I can’t believe how far I’ve come.

You see, only five years ago, I was just like you.

I was suffering with crippling anxiety, loss of confidence and painful joint, - so much so that it hurt to walk to the bathroom in the mornings.

So, I know only too well how menopause can wreak havoc on the quality of your life.

But purely by accident, and not by design, I discovered yoga and it was a pivotal moment in my life.

I was blown away with the positive difference it made to my symptoms and finally begin to feel like I used many years before menopause even began. I discovered an inner calm, renewed confidence and happiness, plus a drive and passion that I didn't know I had! I became a life-long learner in how yoga could help me and others.

My transformation set me on a mission to 'give back'. Now a certified yoga teacher and qualified in Menopause Yoga, I became  determined to share my knowledge, experience and expertise, so that you too can experience that same transformation.

"I promise to give you the keys to unlock the door to new and endless possibilities, so are you ready? Let's do this!!"

 In case there’s anything I’ve missed, here are some commonly asked questions:


Is Select Premier ok for beginners?

It’s more than ok for beginners. The majority of content in Select Premier has been created with beginners in mind, unless otherwise stated. If you follow My Yoga Journey, the content is also aimed at those who are new to yoga and will only ever become challenging in keeping with your new-found skills.

Is the site regularly updated?

The site is already bursting with video content, so to avoid overwhelm we will be restricting new additions to one per week.

Do I have to follow My Yoga Journey?

It’s entirely your choice. You can use Select Premier to simply practice the yoga you want to, or follow My Yoga Journey and be guided every step of the way. You can even do both!

What happens when I reach stage 7 of My Yoga Journey?

Our learning never stops in yoga. It is a practice that will keep evolving and expanding with new opportunities to stretch yourself further. You can even re-start the Progress Path as each stage will grow with new content.

How long is each stage of My Yoga Journey?

Each of the 7 stages are 4 weeks long. However, you can go at your own pace if you feel you need longer, or you have been ill or away on vacation. This is your journey and needs to fit in with your life.

Do I have to join the Facebook Group?

No, it’s entirely your choice. However, the group is there to support you in your yoga and motivate and encourage your progress. It’s also an opportunity to make new friends with other members on the same path.

If it’s not for me, can I cancel my membership?

Yes, if you are a monthly subscriber, you can cancel without notice or penalty. There are no refunds on an annual membership, however. We advise that you retain for membership for at least six months so you can assess your progress. Plus, if you were to re-join at a later date, the same price cannot be guaranteed.

Are results guaranteed with My Yoga Journey?

Results cannot be guaranteed as it depends on you being willing to implement the work and how consistent your practice is. My Yoga Journey was only launched a couple of months ago and the women following it are already seeing fantastic results.

Now is not convenient for me to join, so can I join at a later date?

Yes you can join at a later date but enrollment is only open a few times each year so that we have the time to support existing members. Also, the same price cannot be guaranteed.

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