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Track To Transformation Signature

What better time to commit to wellness that Spring?

Spring is the time of new beginnings and it could also be the unveiling of a whole NEW YOU with this latest programme from Yourself Yoga - the Track to Transformation Signature.

Based on the successful Track to Transformation programme, this Signature version is a SIX MONTH MENTORSHIP AND COACHING PROGRAMME that will certainly put the spring back into your step; taking you on a six month journey of physical, mental and emotional healing.

By the end, you will emerge happier, healthier, ready to beat menopause and take back complete control of you and your life.

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    Spring is the time to trust the magic of new beginnings

Say hello to Transformation

By the end of this six month experience, you will...

  • ...have discovered the old you, but with shiny new extras
  • ...have a better understanding of yourself and be able to recognize trigger points and blocks
  • ...feel physically healthier with more energy
  • ...have developed a well rounded yoga and meditation practice
  • ...be more connected with your vision for your future
  • ...feel more comfortable in your own skin
  • ...feel happier and more joyful
  • ...have acquired tips and techniques for managing menopause
  • ...have created good habits to become more productive and more positive in your outlook
  • ...be able to eliminate bad habits in all areas of your life
  • ...have renewed confidence and self-esteem
  • ...a more positive mindset and approach to life
  • ...feel ready to take on the world
  • ...have fallen in love with YOU again!

 Every possibility has the potential to become a reality

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Meet your tutor

Julie Ann Garrido is founder of Yourself Yoga - a company that helps women navigate their menopause journey with the help of yoga, meditation, mindset and lifestyle changes. Having spent several years suffering with crippling anxiety, loss of confidence and painful joints, Julie knows only too well how menopause can wreak havoc on the quality of your life.

But then she discovered yoga and was astounded at the positive difference it made to her symptoms. She found an inner calm, renewed confidence and happiness, plus a drive and passion that she didn't know she had!

This transformation set her on a mission to 'give back'. Now fully qualified in Yoga for Menopause and passionate about health and wellness, Julie is determined to share her knowledge, experience and expertise, so that she can help you make that same transformation.

"I promise to give you the keys to unlock the door to new and endless possibilities, so are you ready? Let's do this!!"

“This course has given me the wellbeing and organization in my life that was so badly needed. ~ M.Fowler

"I am only on Module 6 and so far, this course has been so enlightening, calming and transformational. Perfect for beginners.” ~ Shelley Whittington

“Learning to use my breath to calm my mind has been invaluable to my health and wellbeing. ~ E. McLoud

This course is well defined, well done, and very transformational. ~ M. Llerana

This course has been amazing. My perimenopause symptoms have improved so much and I feel a total shift in my overall wellbeing.~ J. Annette

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Become the best version of yourself
Menopause can be an incredible source of anguish.  We want to help you break away from this misery and get you back to not just how you used to feel, but to a place whereyou feel even better. This is your chance to shape the rest of your life.
Restore your inner balance!
Reach your true potential
This course presents you with more than just information. It provides you with a complete road-map for getting your life back on track with yoga, meditation and journaling at the forefront of every day.
Change your thoughts,
change your world!

What will you learn on the course?

  • How daily yoga can manage and alleviate your menopausal symptoms
  • How to make shifts in mindset, behaviors and attitudes
  • How to take control your sub-conscious
  • The importance of nutrition and healthy eating in menopause
  • How daily journaling can shift your mindset
  • How to create new daily routines and sleep habits
  • How daily meditation and mindfulness can bring you peace and contentment
  • Learn the art of true happiness
  • How to conquer stress and anxiety
  • How to create a new vision for your future
  • Learn to spring board into post-menopause
  • How to create a new and entirely transformed YOU
Module 1: Have you lost your way?
Time for a compass check.

Adopt a mix of powerful journalling techniques and habit-trackers, along with new intentions and goals to reset your internal compass. Dig deep to find the answers to your past failures and start to shape your vision for transformation.

Modules 2 & 3: Are you unhappy with your weight? Discover your hidden triggers.

Shine a spotlight on your lifestyle and attitudes and learn how to identify your dietary triggers. Take your nutrition to the highest level by learning which food and drink are the goodies, the baddies and the downright evil.

Module 4: Are you tired of feeling tired? Learn the top energy-boosting secrets.

Lean the the tools, tips, and techniques to rediscover your lost energy and put that long-lost spring back in your step. Learn how to turn every night into golden slumbers.

Module 5: Are you tired of always being at the bottom of the priority list? It's time to make time for you.

Explore a variety of self-care tips and techniques that will make a significant difference to your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. Learn how to create valuable 'me-time.'

Module 6: Is stress stressing you out? Learn how to overcome overwhelm.

Learn various breathing techniques and coping mechanisms to cope with stress and overwhelm, Luxuriate in a 1-hour Restorative yoga class that will leave you feeling  restored, refreshed and relaxed.


Module 7: Mindset over menopause matters.

Learn how menopause can cause mental and emotional imbalances which may affect our mindset and approach to life. Find out what is the single most empowering thing you should know about mindset.

Module 8: Does negative thinking get the better of you? It's time to re-frame your thoughts.

This module will teach you how to re-frame your thinking so that you can flip almost every negative situation into a positive one.

Module 9: The power of your subconscious

Did you know that you have two minds? Find out which one holds the power and why it can stop you from making the changes that you want in life.

Module 10: Strategies for a positive mindset

Learn all the tools need to retrain your brain and to change your mindset for the better. Learn and to overcome fear and negative self-talk and say hello to your Better Beliefs tracker.

Module 11: Do you need to sit down to put your socks on? It's time to stretch those tissues.

Soothe your aches and pains with Yin yoga. Enjoy a 1-hour class that will help stretch and target the deep connective tissues between the muscles and the fascia in your body.

Module 12: Say hello to the new YOU.
Let the show begin!

This final module will review the tools you need to keep your personal development on track, to be able to face your fears, and to overcome any roadblocks that may prevent you from creating an ideal life filled with joy, meaning, and abundance.

Is this course for you?

If, like our other members, you are being challenged by peri-menopause or post-menopause, and you recognize yourself in any of the statements below, then this course is perfect for you!
  • you no longer feel like yourself
  • you have lost all motivation and zest for life
  • you can't stick to any health or fitness programme
  • you cringe when you look in the mirror
  • your increasing weight is getting you down
  • you are sick and tired of feeling sick and tired
  • stress, is literally stressing you out
  • negative thinking gets the better of you
  • you can't control your thought patterns
  • you feel like you have nothing to look forward to
  • you are starting to feel aches and pains all over
  • you sometimes have to sit down to put your socks on! :-)

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