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Julie Garrido is a private yoga instructor sitting meditating with hands in Om Mudra indoors at her home in Miami

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It’s no secret that many office workers suffer with back pain, headaches, stiff necks, sore eyes, muscular tension and stress. Introducing a Wellness Program to the workplace can help in so many ways. So, why not offer employees a convenient way to enjoy some mental and physical downtime? By introducing a Wellness Program, you can help them relax, rejuvenate and restore –  all without leaving the building.


YOURSELF YOGA can introduce  wellness to your company with an online program of yoga, meditation and wellness workshops including yoga for menopause sessions. Offering classes at a time to suit before, during or after office hours, we will design a program that specifically meets your employee/business needs. A typical program will directly address tension in both the body and the mind, and offer guidance on coping with stress, sickness and menopause at work; providing employees with calmness of mind, less fatigue, renewed positivity and increased alertness. This  will help boost their job satisfaction and happiness, which ultimately leads to improved productivity. Its a win win for all.


If your organization is tempted but not sure where to begin, the first session is complimentary so why not give it a try?

Reduced stress

Boost to your immunity

Increased confidence

 Improved digestion 

 Higher productivity 

Increased focus

Improved posture

 Boosted morale with colleagues 

Increased energy levels 

 Improved mindfulness 

10 benefits of Yourself Yoga corporate magic 

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