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Take control: master menopause naturally with Julie Ann Garrido

It's not uncommon for your menopause journey to feel overwhelming, disorienting, and uncertain. However, at Yourself Yoga & Wellbeing, we think differently. We see this stage brimming with opportunities and believe that menopause isn't an end - it can be a powerful beginning. 

And we're here to guide you on this transformative journey to new beginnings. 

We will help take you from chaos to clarity, from discomfort to vitality, and from low self-worth to self-assurance using the wisdom of menopause yoga, mindfulness, meditation, journaling, and other holistic practices.

“My ultimate goal is for women to enjoy a natural menopause and emerge calmer, more confident, and driving their own bus.”

Meet Julie,

Your faithful navigator, a certified Menopause Yoga Teacher, and Wellness Coach.

Like many women, Julie experienced the frustration of relentless menopause symptoms and the disappointment in bio-identical hormone solutions that caused her more harm than good. But there was a defining moment in Julie's journey - her first encounter with yoga at the age of 53. After great reluctance and at the insistence of her husband, to help her cope with stress and fatigue she rolled out a yoga mat for the very first time.

“After dismissing yoga throughout my life, I now know that WE don’t find yoga, yoga finds US when we’re ready. My time had come.”

By practicing a few yoga sessions each week, Julie noticed a profound shift in her health. Her energy levels soared, work-related stress dwindled, brain fog lifted, and the joint pain that used to jolt her awake was a distant memory. This was no coincidence - it was a revelation. Yoga was the route to a natural menopause.

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Julie Ann Garrido's official accreditation for Menopause Yoga teaching

Julie Ann Garrido is one of only 600 yoga teachers worldwide certified to teach Menopause Yoga.


Feeling more confident

“Since joining My Yoga Journey in 2022, I have gone from feeling old, weak, and past my sell-by date to feeling stronger, flexible, fitter, and so much more confident than I have ever felt in my adult life.”

~ Claire D

I feel so well in body and mind

“I really can’t believe the changes I have seen in myself in just a few months. I haven’t felt so well both in body and mind in such a long time. My husband has also seen the massive change in me.”

~ Dawn B

Finding myself again

“I have less brain fog and feel calmer and happier. I haven’t had a full-blown panic attack since starting yoga. I feel like I’m finally getting myself back whilst finding a better version of myself.”

~ Michelle B

Menopause Yoga teacher Julie Ann Garrido practicing Downward Dog outdoors next to swimming pool with house in background

“The elation of discovering the power of yoga for menopause quickly turned to frustration when realising that it wasn’t accessible for all women.”

With a new-found passion and purpose, Julie became committed to making menopause yoga accessible to every woman, no matter where they were on their journey. Certified in Menopause Yoga, she is one of the few teachers worldwide qualified to teach this specialised approach, but Julie’s approach was different.

Realising that many menopausal women felt uncomfortable with their size and shape, and didn’t have the confidence to attend a yoga studio, she was determined to bring menopause yoga to their homes - yoga that would easily fit into busy schedules, and that would take women on a journey to wellbeing and transformation in menopause. Moreover, she wanted women to enjoy a natural menopause like she did.

My mission is simple: I want every woman to know that there's an effective solution for a natural menopause. It doesn’t have to be HRT."

Natural menopause specialist Julie Ann Garrido is in her garden wearing dungarees looking happy with 2 small dogs

Julie developed My Yoga Journey, an online platform for women to access affordable, beginner-friendly menopause yoga from the sanctuary of their own homes.

The success of My Yoga Journey is nothing short of astonishing. As well as introducing yoga to countless women who have significantly improved their symptoms, it has helped them transform their lives as a result of their new-found confidence and energy.

When she’s not teaching, coaching, or running her wellness retreats, Julie, who is a mother and proud Yaya, pursues her passion for yoga and wellbeing from her home in rural France that she shares with her husband and two dogs. Now in her 60’s, she credits yoga and meditation (of course), swimming, walking, gardening, a strict vegetarian diet, and firm beliefs in mindset and manifestation for her own wellbeing in post-menopause.

“Nothing makes me happier than seeing someone re-discover their physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing and become the very best version of themselves.”

On a tablet device Julie Ann Garrido is in a low lunge pose teaching women to practice menopause yoga at home

Join like-minded supportive women

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain from taking the plunge and joining like-minded, supportive women on this part of life’s journey.“

~ Nikki C

Female hands holding mobile phone with image & text of 11-minute yoga sequence by menopause yoga teacher Julie Ann Garrido

A very supportive group

“The group is very supportive, and there you will find women of all shapes and sizes who are at different stages in both their yoga and menopause journey.”

~ Sharon G

At Yourself Yoga & Wellbeing, our process is straightforward:


✅ Step 1:

Spend 5 minutes taking our FREE Menopause Quiz. The first step to your wellness journey is understanding where you're at - and from understanding comes options.


✅ Step 2:

Discover your personalised results across four categories of wellbeing. Armed with a clear roadmap of your menopause journey, you'll be well-equipped to overcome the hurdles.


✅ Step 3:

Embrace your transformation. Let's put your personal plan into action! Regain control over your symptoms and unlock the courage and vitality to embrace the very best version of yourself. 

Yourself Yoga & Wellbeing is more than just easing menopause symptoms. It's about transforming your life, about rediscovering your health, positivity, and an unwavering hunger for life. Whether it’s through our programmes, wellness retreats, resources, or our vibrant community of menopausal women, we're here to support you every step of the way.

Begin your journey to a natural menopause today. Roll out a yoga mat, and let's embark on the path to becoming the vibrant, powerful woman you know you can be.

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Well hello natural menopause...

Imagine if you could wake up in the mornings, feeling truly refreshed and energetic. What if brain fog was a long-lost memory and anxiety became a thing of the past? Visualise a life where your physical menopause symptoms no longer exist, your emotions are balanced, and you have a radiant glow of health and vitality.

It isn't a mere daydream - it can be your reality.

By putting your trust in Yourself Yoga & Wellbeing on this journey, you'll experience the transformative power of holistic practices firsthand. Our approach aids in significantly reducing menopause symptoms, reinvigorating your mind, body, and spirit, so that you can enjoy a natural menopause.

Menopause yoga teacher Julie Ann Garrido practices inversion pose on yoga mat outdoors in front of house and swimming pool

The power of natural menopause solutions:

✅ No aches & pains: Enjoy a significant reduction in physical symptoms. Experience relief from hot flashes, joint aches, and enjoy a more restful sleep.

 Clear and Confident: Say goodbye to brain fog. Embrace improved focus, sharper memory, and enhanced overall cognitive functions.

 Emotional balance: Navigate your emotions with greater ease. Break free from the cycles of anxiety and emotional drain; welcome calm and clarity.

 Enhanced energy: Reclaim your vitality. Bask in the feeling of being energised, motivated, and ready to seize the day.

 Support System: Be part of a community offering constant guidance, motivation, and support to help you at every step of your journey.

At Yourself Yoga & Wellbeing, we believe that menopause is more than just surviving - it's about THRIVING. Start your transformation today and step into a life of balance, freedom, and glowing health!

Join our Amazing Menopause Yoga Community

No one should have to travel this journey alone - after all, a problem shared is a problem halved. Read my blog to find out why you need to join a menopause support group for yoga and then join our wonderful community of like-minded women who are all on the same path to discovering and enjoying a natural menopause. 

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Ready to let Julie guide you to transformation? 

Explore our diverse range of menopause programmes, each designed to help you master your menopause symptoms and transform your wellbeing.

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Transformation Programmes

Want to overhaul all aspects of your life, from nutrition, sleep and mindset to self-belief and self-worth? Want to master your menopause and become the person you’ve always wanted to be? Now you can with our series of menopause yoga transformation programmes.

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Menopause Yoga Memberships    

Immerse yourself in the magic of menopause yoga and watch your energy levels, fitness, flexibility, and confidence soar as your and symptoms fade away. Follow a proven path of learning and practicing to leave you feeling fit and fabulous. 

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If you’re struggling with negative thoughts and low self-esteem or are desperate to carve out the life you’ve always dreamed of but don’t know how, our short menopause masterclasses will show you just how easy it can be to start taking back control of your life. 

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"Yoga changed my life but more importantly, it helped shape the person I've become and it gave me the natural menopause I craved."

~ Julie Ann Garrido