Find yourself in menopause: rediscover the new YOU 

Is menopause taking its toll on your wellbeing? Do you no longer recognise the person you’ve become? Have you lost your zest for life? 

At Yourself Yoga and Wellbeing, we address your mind and body as a whole, not just by symptoms, and help women like you take a transformative journey to rediscover your confidence, vitality, and inner spark, so that you can FIND YOURSELF and start living the life you dream of. 

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Natural menopause specialist Julie Ann Garrido stands on beach rock in Find Yourself pose with arms out & straw hat in hand

Discover the power of online yoga for menopause


Elevate your Wellbeing through holistic practices

Menopause can make your life unbearable. With a myriad of physical symptoms like joint pain and hot flashes, and the mental and emotional imbalances such as brain fog and anxiety, it’s like becoming a stranger in your own body, and it’s so easy to forget the person you once were.

But the frustrations don’t end there. The search for a natural solution that that addresses all your symptoms can be as exhausting as the symptoms themselves!

Online yoga for menopause can provide you with the natural relief you’ve been searching for

Say goodbye to the overwhelming uncertainty of menopause and say hello to wellbeing with online yoga for menopause - a natural solution to banish your physical, mental, and emotional discomfort so that you start living the life you were meant to.

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Lost all hope of a happy and healthy menopause?

‘Menopause is destroying my life’ is what we commonly hear, so if you’re like most women who arrive here, you’re probably feeling lost and struggling with the following:


As the physical symptoms of menopause leave you feeling exhausted, out of shape, and battling weight gain, you struggle to get into a routine with exercise.


It’s a challenge to stay positive. Your mental resilience is low, and self-doubt, and negative thought patterns are now your daily companions.

Emotionally drained:

The menopause rollercoaster is truly draining your emotional tank, and you feel totally out of control. Your tolerance levels  are non-existent.

No get up and go:

You feel that life is slipping away and your dreams are withering fast. Your motivation and enthusiasm for the future have got up and gone.

Find yourself and your wellbeing

At times, it can be hard to imagine what a happy and healthy menopause will feel like, but it is possible. We help women like you rediscover your health, happiness, and vitality, so that you too can feel like this:

Fit & flexible:

You have bags of energy, your body is nicely toned, you’re happy with your weight, and you’re bursting with confidence!

Positively radiant:

With a new positive mindset, you’re calm and fun to be around and everyone just loves your new approach to life.

Emotionally secure:

Everyday irritations and life’s challenges no longer get you down. Your new priority is YOU and your self-care.

Excited for the future:

You’re rediscovering hobbies and new passions. You have a new vision for your future self, filled with drive and determination.


Menopause doesn’t have to be challenging, it can be a time for personal growth and self-discovery. Are you ready to embrace transformation and find yourself again?

Embrace transformation

Hi, I'm Julie Garrido,

If you no longer feel like the person you used to be before menopause took hold, and you want to enjoy a healthy and natural menopause, you’ve come to the right place.

I understand where you’re at because I lost myself in my menopause too.

For several years, it felt like I was on a rollercoaster that wouldn’t stop. I was struggling with crippling joint pain, hot flashes, and low mood. Plus, anxiety, fatigue, and brain fog simply took over my life.

The person I used to be was just a distant memory. My symptoms had swallowed me whole leaving me with:

  • little confidence
  • no energy
  • social anxiety
  • zero motivation


Finding Yourself in Menopause Expert Julie Ann Garrido sits meditating outdoors dressed in yoga clothes besides plants and a pool

I no longer recognised this person I had become. I felt lost and lonely and didn’t know how to fix things. That was until I reached the age of 53 and was introduced to yoga and wellness for the first time.

After years of resisting yoga, I gave in - after all, I had nothing to lose.

By the end of that first session, I was blown away with how much better I felt. After regularly practicing short bursts of yoga at home, I noticed that many of my symptoms were vanishing. I had more energy, I slept better, my confidence retuned, I felt more in control, and best of all, I no longer hobbled around with joint pain.

I found the motivation to overhaul other areas of my life too.

My new-found confidence saw the old me return, along with someone new - the person I’d always longed to be. But I wasn’t done yet. I began overhauling my nutrition, switched my mindset, immersed myself in manifestation, and made other lifestyle changes that filled me with passion and purpose.

Finally, I was back in the driving seat!

This process of transformation brought back my lost vitality and wellbeing. I had found myself again. And you can too. By embarking on a journey of transformation using holistic solutions, you too can find yourself again and start living your life to the full.

I am now pursuing one of my life-long goals

Julie has ignited a passion within me that I knew was there but could never reach. Since doing this programme, I have gone on to start my own business and pursue one of my life-long goals. Simply incredible and a must for anyone feeling stuck or lost.

~ Sue L

I now have an understanding of who I want to become

The programme has literally taken me on a journey of understanding where I want to be and who I want to become. Since it ended, I continue to be coached by Julie to help ensure I reach my goals.

~ Sarah K

I can’t remember the last time I felt this good – I feel the best in years!

Having the option to follow this programme in my own time was perfect for me and my hectic lifestyle. I can’t believe just how much I’ve learned in 6 weeks! I can’t remember the last time I felt this good – I feel the best in years!

~ Mary J

3 steps to finding yourself

Close up of middle aged female wearing digital watch & yoga top with hands in prayer pose

1. Make a commitment:

You’ve every right to feel good about yourself and enjoy life to the full. Discovering optimal health and wellbeing is an investment that will pay you dividends both now and in your later stages of life. Besides, you’re totally worth it.

Middle aged female outdoors holding phone in hands checking programmes to find yourself in menopause

2. Choose a programme:

Just like menopause is unique to you, we recognise that we all have different ways of learning. That's why it’s important to choose a transformation programme that best meets your style of learning, and that fits in with your busy schedule.

Head & shoulders of middle aged woman wearing casual clothes smiling outdoors

3. Enjoy feeling fabulous:

Once you commit to overhauling your wellbeing in menopause, there will be no turning back. As well as enjoying relief from your symptoms, you'll rediscover the person you used to be so that you can begin pursuing your dreams and living life to the max.

That’s how easy it is to get started. Take 3 simple steps towards a NEW YOU!

Begin your Transformation

Frequently Asked Questions

We’re passionate about helping you find yourself again during menopause, but naturally you may have some unanswered questions. Explore our FAQ’s below to discover how you can embrace this empowering journey with confidence and vitality.

Woman on beach barefoot with white loose clothing with arms outstretched looking like she's finding herself in menopause

It’s time to find yourself again! 

It’s so easy to lose yourself in menopause and forget the person you used to be. You want a solution that will end all the physical discomfort, stop the negative thinking, self-doubt, and lack of confidence, but above all you’re searching for a solution that will help you to:

  re-discover the old you, but with shiny new extras

✅  have a much better understanding of yourself and be able to recognise your trigger points and blocks

✅  feel and look physically healthier with more energy

✅  create a series of lifestyle habits to help keep you on track

✅  be more connected with your vision for your future

✅  will feel comfortable in your own skin

✅  feel happier and more joyful

✅  acquire holistic tips and techniques for managing menopause

✅  create good habits to become more productive and more positive in your outlook 

✅  have renewed confidence and self-esteem

✅  have a more positive mindset and approach to life

✅  feel ready to take on the world

✅  have fallen in love with YOU again

We totally get it, we’re here to help, and we have a plan.

Our mission at Yourself Yoga & Wellbeing is simple - to be your guiding light through the maze of menopause so that you not only FIND YOURSELF again, but you become the BEST version of YOU.

We understand your needs and that’s why we’ve designed offer a unique range of transformation programmes that are:

  • exclusively for menopausal ladies like you
  • can be followed from the comfort of your home
  • all available via our special easy-to-use App
  • time sensitive and suitable for the busiest of schedules
  • packed with content to help you manage your symptoms
  • designed for long-lasting transformation

How do we do it? Here's a reminder of our 3-step plan to begin your transformation


Step 1.

Make a commitment to investing in your health and menopause.


Step 2.

Choose a transformation programme that best suits your needs.


Step 3.

Watch the magic unfold as you learn to fall in love with YOU again


Why choose Yourself Yoga & Wellbeing


✅ We're experts in helping women significantly reduce menopause symptoms

✅ We help women to restore their physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing

✅ Our transformation programmes are backed by RESULTS

✅ We provide continuous guidance and support throughout your journey

✅ Our holistic services help you enjoy a natural approach to menopause

✅ We help you leave menopause misery behind and find yourself again


We understand change can be both exciting and intimidating. But if you're ready to embark on transformation and rediscover yourself, we're here to support you every step of the way.

Start your transformation journey today with us by your side.

I have lost 11lbs in weight!

“I feel stronger both physically and mentally, and I know my own self-worth and how important it is to look after myself. I am eating well and have taken a break from alcohol and as a result, I have lost 11lbs in weight!”

~ Melanie B

 It changed my life

“I was a wreck mentally and physically. I often revisit the programme as it changed my life. Julie explains everything so well and always supports you. She has a way of helping you understand what is happening and how to deal with it in so many ways. Think of you and treat yourself.”

~Suzanne M

I feel wonderful and on track with my life

“The programme is easy to navigate, understand and you can set your own pace, without feeling overwhelmed. I feel wonderful and on track with my life. I feel stronger and have less joint pain, and with how good my body feels, I now have the motivation to continue.”

~ Shannon

Your journey to transformation starts HERE


Overhauling your life, mastering your menopause, and finding yourself again can seem overwhelming and almost impossible, especially if you prefer a natural approach. Where to start? Where to find all the information you need? That's where we come in. 

At Yourself Yoga & Wellbeing, we recognise that just like menopause is unique to you, we all have different ways of learning too. That’s why we offer three distinct programmes to meet to cater to your distinct needs and aspirations.

All you have to do is simply choose which option works best for you, and then join an elite group of women who are turning menopause into a wonderful opportunity to rediscover themselves.

Choose a programme

FAST Track to Transformation - Self-study


2 monthly payments of £148

For those who prefer self-study


✔️ Access to 6 modules that will guide your transformation  

✔️ Online yoga programme to alleviate menopausal symptoms

✔️ Daily journaling for mental wellbeing

✔️ Make shifts in mindset, behaviors and attitudes

✔️ Learn the importance of nutrition in menopause

✔️ Create new daily routines and sleep habits

✔️ Learn how to conquer stress and anxiety

✔️ Create a new vision for your future

✔️Reveal a new and transformed YOU

All content is available via our App

Enjoy unlimited access


FAST Track to Transformation - With Coaching


2 monthly payments of £348

Most Popular

For those who prefer to be guided in their transformation with a 6 week coaching plan


  • Go further and go faster with private coaching 
  • Enjoy weekly coaching to help overhaul your lifestyle and habits 
  • Receive personal tips and recommendations
  • Enjoy a symptom-free menopause
  • Cherish improved health
  • Start manifesting the life you dream of


  • Weekly coaching with Julie Ann Garrido - your menopause expert
  • Enjoy 6 x 45 minute private coaching calls with follow-up
  • Every coaching call corresponds with each module

FAST Track to Transformation Signature


3 monthly payments of £332

For those who want to achieve REMARKABLE results with a 10 week coaching plan


  • Go deeper into transformation with weekly coaching that spans 10 weeks in total
  • Receive personal guidance in overhauling your lifestyle and habits 
  • Enjoy customised tips and recommendations
  • Enjoy a symptom-free menopause
  • Cherish improved health
  • Start living the life you dream of


  • 4 x additional 45-minute weekly coaching calls to deepen your transformation

More Frequently Asked Questions

If you can’t decide which transformation programme is best for you, or you simply have more questions, explore more FAQ’s below to discover how our programmes will help you get your life back on track.

 “Let our transformation programmes take you on a journey of personal growth and self-discovery to find yourself again, and live life with renewed vitality.

You deserve to thrive in menopause and beyond, so together let’s make the next chapter the best chapter.”

~ Julie Ann Garrido