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Hands holding tablet device showing book cover ‘Beat Menopause With Yoga’ that teaches the secrets of a home yoga practice.

Ready to unlock the secrets of a home yoga practice to help beat menopause?   


Whether you’re a yoga beginner looking to explore the benefits of menopause yoga or you already have a home yoga practice but aren’t seeing the results, our e-Book will help you to beat your menopause symptoms and feel fit and fabulous too. 

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If you've found your way here, the chances are you may be struggling with the following:

Fed up with endless symptoms:

Menopause is taking its toll on your physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing.

You can’t find a solution that solves all your issues:

Either with or without HRT, you’re looking for a natural solution for your symptoms.

You can’t get to grips with home yoga:

You’re keen to get results but can’t get into a routine or don’t know where to start.

We understand, and our practical e-book will reveal all the secrets of a home yoga practice that's fully proven to get results, so that you:

Banish symptoms:

You’ve risen above those horrible perimenopause symptoms thanks to your new yoga practice.

Radiate wellbeing:

You feel fit, fabulous, flexible and positively glowing with more energy than you ever thought possible.

Exude confidence:

Yoga has opened the door to a new way of being and you’ve even signed up for a menopause wellness retreat!

Ready to go unlock the door to a powerful and proven system for mastering menopause?

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My Yoga Journey has begun!

“Julie’s programme of yoga is easy to follow for everyone from yoga beginners and those who want to go back to basics. Julie guides you superbly and explains everything. My yoga journey has begun and I’m loving it.

~ Sharon G

I literally learn something new in each video

I love the format of this bookit’s so easy to follow and Julie’s tips and pointers are awesome. I have been practicing yoga for some time but I literally learn something new in each of her videos.”

~ Kris M

It’s so easy to stick to

I now love and look forward to my daily practice. It’s so easy to stick to – I even took my mat on holiday and rolled it out every day! It’s a great feeling to see yourself improving week by week. Definitely my new routine!

~ Rachel B

Meet your author and menopause yoga teacher, Julie Ann Garrido 

Thank you so much for your interest in my e-book. I am a fully certified Menopause Yoga teacher and it’s long been a dream of mine to put pen to paper to share with you all the secrets of menopause yoga and a successful home yoga practice. 

I wrote this eBook as I was frustrated at the lack of practical advice to help women starting yoga at home, and following the success of the yoga programme that I created especially for women struggling with menopause symptoms.

If you’re like I once was, and countless ladies who are finding each day a struggle, I'm here to assure you that menopause DOES NOT have to be a prison sentence.

Please know that:

⭐️ You don’t have to suffer in silence

⭐️ You can enjoy a natural menopause

⭐️ It doesn’t matter if you’re a yoga beginner with no experience

⭐️ My powerful yoga system will take back control of your life.

I'm excited to share with you how countless ladies who have put into practice the teachings from our e-book have begun to feel better and see their menopause symptoms disappear and their energy and zest for life return. Now it’s your turn.

Ready to unlock the secrets to a successful menopause?

Namaste 🙏

Julie Ann Garrido 

What’s included in our e-book?

Available in a handy digital format, this book comprises 13 chapters of practical tips and advice that include:

✅ Why practice yoga

✅ Why yoga is so beneficial in menopause.

✅ How yoga alleviates physical, mental, and emotional menopause symptoms

✅ Specifically why a home yoga practice can be better than a gym or studio

✅ Which styles of yoga at home  best help menopause symptoms

✅ How to create a daily yoga routine at home

✅ The 5 C’s to a successful home yoga practice

✅ How to practice yoga at home

✅ Why some people abandon home yoga at home and the pitfalls to avoid

✅ Why a guided home yoga practice  works best

✅ Why our menopause support group could be what you’re missing

✅ The secrets behind My Yoga Journey - our proven programme for RESULTS.

How will our e-book help you create a home yoga practice?

If you’re starting yoga for the very first time, or feel uncomfortable at a gym or studio, simply want to know how to create a yoga practice at home, or you’re keen to learn more about menopause yoga, our handy e-Book will become your guiding light towards a new chapter that’s filled with positivity and possibilities. It will help you rediscover the person you once were.

Our eBook will equip you with all you need to know about yoga as an effective solution for menopause and, more importantly, how to get the most from your yoga at home.

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 “When you open the door to my powerful and proven home yoga practice for menopause, your life will never feel quite the same again.”

~ Julie Ann Garrido