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 Menopause Masterclass: now is the time for change

Struggling with the mental and emotional changes that menopause brings? Drowning in negativity and losing all hope for the future?

At Yourself Yoga and Wellbeing, we help women like you look at menopause through a different lens. To be the change, you have to become the change.

Are you ready?

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What is a Menopause Masterclass?

Each masterclass comprises 3 videos that are designed to help you overcome the mental and emotional aspects of menopause. With unlimited access online and via a special App, they are designed to help you overcome the challenges and obstacles that menopause brings, all from the comfort of your own home. Each masterclass is also accompanied by a variety of worksheets.


What will I learn in a Menopause Masterclass?

In our Mindset over Menopause masterclass, you will learn how to banish negative thoughts and self-limiting beliefs so that you can rise above the mental and emotional challenges at this stage of life. In our Manifestation in Menopause masterclass, you will learn how to re-evaluate your life so that you can look to the future with confidence and clarity and start taking back control of your life.


What results can I expect from a Menopause Masterclass?

Women who have invested in our masterclasses have experienced remarkable results. Many continue to apply the tools they've learned to enrich their daily lives long after they watched their masterclass, whilst some go on to totally transform their lives. By investing in your mental and emotional well-being, you too will begin to transform possibilities into probabilities and probabilities into inevitabilities.

Unlock the power and magic within you

"I encourage everyone to do this manifestation masterclass. You won't regret it! If you want to envision the life you want and unlock the power and magic within you to achieve it and start living it, this is the course for you."

~ Aoife H


I had real lightbulb moments

"I never thought three videos would impact my life so much. I had real lightbulb moments which changed my way of thinking forever.

 ~ Louise C

It gave me self-belief

"Doing the manifestation masterclass opened my eyes and my self-belief in me. I have gone from simply existing to now carving out a life and schedule just for me. I am now a member of a campaign group, a community group, and I go to art class where I've rediscovered my enjoyment in craft."

~ Joy P.


Ready to invest in your mental and emotional wellbeing?

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Mindset Masterclass
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Manifestation Masterclass

 "It's only when we start to dig deep that we can begin to see the way forwards. A masterclass is the perfect place to start."

 ~ Julie Ann Garrido