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We care about YOU, so if you can't find the menopause help you need on our website or you need more detailed advice about yoga for menopause and our other holistic solutions, please feel free to contact Yourself Yoga & Wellbeing using the form below. 

Alternatively, you are welcome to book a FREE 30-minute online Menopause Consultation to receive 1:2:1 menopause help and guidance and to agree your next steps.


Meanwhile, be sure to join our vibrant menopause support group, Yoga for Menopause, where you will find oodles of tips and advice, along with a warm and welcoming community of like-minded women including myself, Julie Ann Garrido, your menopause yoga and wellness expert.  

Your journey toward holistic health and menopause empowerment starts here. Let's chat, share, and support each other on this incredible path.

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In just under 5 minutes, you will learn essential insights across four key dimensions of your menopause wellbeing,  providing you with a personalised score. Then book a call so we can help you with your next steps.

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 "At Yourself Yoga & Wellbeing, we see menopause as an invitation to start something new. Contact Yourself Yoga and open the door to your next chapter." 

~ Julie Ann Garrido