Logo of Menopause Support Group for yoga alongside image of its Founder, Julie Ann Garrido

Why you need to join a menopause support group for yoga

Aug 01, 2023

Apparently, there are around 620 million Facebook groups that serve all kinds of hobbies and interests. But what if there isn’t a group that supports your particular passion? You set one up! And, that’s exactly what I did! I created a menopause support group called Yoga for Peri/Menopause that's exclusively for women practicing yoga.

As you all probably know by now, my passion is teaching online yoga and in particular helping women transition through menopause. I’m already lucky to have found some wonderful clients with whom I can share my knowledge and experience and help them through this difficult stage of life. However, there are thousands of women all across the globe who may or may not practice yoga, and who remain unaware of how it can help alleviate their symptoms.

A unique menopause support group

Yoga for Peri/Menopause brings together a community of like-minded women who are struggling with menopause and who would welcome information, tips and advice about yoga and how it can support them. 

Does the menopause support group include women in perimenopause?

Yoga for Peri/Menopause is not just aimed at those already in menopause, it also serves those who are in perimenopause – the stage before menopause that can last around eight years and can often be just as challenging as menopause itself. The group is also suitable for women in post-menopause too. 

Is the menopause support group private?

Our group is strictly private and for members only, and everyone is strictly vetted before joining. This is in order to ensure that we are all on the same path and so that we can foster an open and honest conversation in confidence.

Do I need to practice yoga to join the menopause support group?

Absolutely not. This group is open to all levels from beginners to advanced practitioners, and to anyone who wants to get a conversation going about yoga and menopause. 

What will I gain by joining?

As well as receiving help and support, and advice and information, you will receive motivation and encouragement from others. And, given that you are amongst like-minded group members, you may also gain your own accountability buddy to keep you on your toes…and yoga mat! You may also find light relief knowing you are not the only one who still can’t touch their toes. Content is posted daily and includes: 

  • Yoga tips and advice
  • FREE Yoga Videos for designed to ease symptoms 
  • Weekly live Wellness Wednesday
  • Access to exclusive offers
  • Priority booking for Wellness Retreats 

If you feel our menopause support group is relevant to you, please join and let’s create a community together - one that will support our minds and bodies through this demanding transition. Together, we can then take back control of our lives and become the women we once were. Let’s do this ladies!


For over 30 years, Julie successfully ran her own PR company until her menopause symptoms took hold and turned her world upside down. Not only was she physically exhausted, she suffered with low moods, negative thinking, loss of confidence, self-limiting beliefs, and crippling anxiety. She became a person she no longer recognised and simply wanted to hide away.

Unhappy with a medical approach to menopause, she turned to yoga to alleviate her struggles, and at the age of 53, she found the natural solution she’s had been searching for.

After regularly practicing short bursts of online yoga at home, she noticed that many of her symptoms were vanishing. She had more energy, she slept better, her confidence retuned, she felt more in control, and no longer hobbled around with joint pain.

Realising that menopausal women felt uncomfortable with their size and shape, and didn’t have the confidence to attend a yoga studio, she was determined to bring menopause yoga to their homes - yoga that would easily fit into busy schedules, and that would take women on a journey to wellbeing and transformation in menopause. Moreover, she wanted women to enjoy a natural menopause like she did.

Julie developed My Yoga Journey, an online platform for women to access affordable, beginner-friendly menopause yoga from the sanctuary of their own homes.

The success of My Yoga Journey is nothing short of astonishing. As well as introducing yoga to countless women who have significantly improved their symptoms, it has helped them transform their lives as a result of their new-found confidence and energy. Many of her members go on to join Julie regularly at her menopause wellness retreats.

“My mission is simple: I want every woman to know that there’s an effective natural solution for menopause. It doesn’t have to be HRT.

~ Julie Ann Garrido