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Group Magic

Yoga is just so popular these days. Even those who haven’t yet tried it have a burning ambition to get started. So, why not mark a special occasion with a private yoga class exclusively for you and your family and friends to create memories that will last a lifetime?


It could be a Bachelorette party, a girls/boys weekend away, a very special birthday or just a fun gathering of friends and family. Whatever the occasion, there’s no better way to kick-start your celebrations than to relax, detox and spend quality fun time with people you love. A group yoga class can also help everyone wind down after the festivities! 

From couples to small and large groups, we can make sure that your yoga experience is second to none. And, if you live outside of Miami, check out our online teaching program.

A suitable venue or setting

Space to practice

Music to match the theme

 Photos to capture the occasion 

 Yoga mats 

A time that suits everyone

A suitable theme

 A yoga style to suit everyone 

 Props to aid the practice 

 Appropriate clothing 

10 essentials of group yoga


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