Julie Ann Garrido

Certified Yoga Instructor

I may have been a late starter when it came to yoga, but what a start I had. I was fortunate in finding a leading Miami teacher who taught me the correct foundations of yoga and so much more. She taught me weekly in my home at a time and day to suit me. Convenient, peaceful, and beautifully tailored to exactly what I needed – right down to how I was feeling on the day. It was my weekly slice of heaven. 


Fast forward, and I am now a certified yoga teacher, having qualified at Miami’s prestigious Corpo Yoga studio. Specializing in private teaching was an easy decision to make as I love helping people reach their own potential which is sometimes not always possible in group classes. 


Discovering yoga later in life has given me a great understanding of how our body changes with age and how limitations and restrictions can creep up on us. Thanks to yoga, I now have all the tools to tackle many of the mental, physical and emotional challenges that life throws our way, especially as we age. Combining my passion for good health and nutrition with my many years of experience running my own business and raising a family has taught me valuable life lessons that I also like to weave into my classes.


Self love, compassion and care for YOURSELF lies at the heart of YOURSELF YOGA. We are dedicated to private teaching so if you’re ready to put YOURSELF first, we're here ready to help. It would be our absolute honor and pleasure.