One To One Magic


We can’t wave a magic wand, but what we can guarantee is  a slice of yoga heaven in your home. It will be on a certain day/time to fit in with you and it will be customized to suit your body and your needs. Trust me, this is quite simply the best way to learn. One on one. Yoga just for YOU.

If you're completely new to private yoga in Miami, no doubt you will be wondering how it all works. Click the button below and you will find some helpful information about getting started. Rest assured that we will work with you to determine your start point and your end goals. We even offer a free consultation and assessment. So, why wait any longer? Take the first step on your yoga journey today.

Customized yoga to suit you

Total convenience to suit your schedule

Build confidence

 Learn valuable modifications to suit your body 

 Enjoy weekly check-ins 

Work towards specific goals 

Learn the correct way from an expert

 Deepen your practice 

 Receive customized homework to help you progress 

 Enjoy monthly reviews 

10 benefits of Yourself

Yoga magic