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Private Online Magic

No matter where you are in the world, Yourself Yoga can bring you one-to-one online private yoga for menopause lessons as you want and when you want.


Thanks to our two-way video platform, you will have access to private yoga tuition with all the support and personal interaction that you would receive in person. Every class will be customised to suit your body, your yoga experience and of course, your menopause symptoms. 

A programme of special one-to-one classes will help bring relief from fatigue, hot flashes, anxiety, depression, and many other symptoms. Through a combination of yoga, meditation and breathing techniques, this one-to-one online tuition will help you better manage this difficult stage of life.


Regardless of distance, practicing yoga online can even help at times when you need to keep an eye on the kids or pets, or when you are away from home on vacation or business, and you want to keep up your yoga practice. With a simple online connection, there’s no more excuses. You even get to keep the recordings of every class so you can re-practice at your leisure.


So. why not treat yourself to a one-off lesson and give it a try? You can then invest in a pack of 5 or 10 lessons to help take your practice to the next level.

Practice wherever you are

Experience personal interaction

Receive online recordings of classes

Work towards your goals

Deepen your practice

Receive real time feedback

Enjoy customised lessons

Total convenience to suit your schedule

Learn valuable modifications

Receive weekly check-ins

10 benefits of Online

Private Yoga

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