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Flow Into Fall
FREE 45-minute Menopause Yoga Class

Come and join me for a gentle and rejuvenating 45-minute Menopause Yoga class and let’s Flow Into Fall together.

As Fall or Autumn approaches, the world around us undergoes a beautiful transformation. This class invites you to mirror this natural transition in your own life. Menopause, like the changing seasons, brings its own unique shifts and challenges.


Flow Into Fall is your opportunity to find balance, release what no longer serves you, and embrace the beauty of this phase of nature and of life by slowing down and connecting with yourself.

Our class will focus on a carefully curated flow sequence of yoga poses tailored to support your body during menopause. It is designed to address common symptoms such as fatigue, anxiety, restlessness, and overwhelm. Through gentle and purposeful movements, you will find relief from physical discomfort and a greater sense of emotional well-being.


​Just 45 minutes long, this class is perfect for all levels, but particularly for beginners and those who may never have tried menopause yoga before.

Nervous about practising live?

Don’t be. Your camera will be turned off so no one can see you, and you can even access the class in complete privacy for one week after the live event.

Can’t attend live?

No problem. Simply register for the class, and you will be sent the recording after the event, and this will be valid for one week.


1) Click the BOOK NOW button below

2 )Find the date of the class

3) Click BOOK NOW by selecting the correct date

4) Fill out your details

5) Once you have registered, you will receive a link to Zoom


NB DEADLINE TO REGISTER FOR EACH CLASS: 30 minutes before the class begins.



Everyone who registers for the class will receive a video recording within 24 hours, whether they attended live or not. The recording is valid for one week.


If you can’t attend the live class, you still need to register in order to receive the recording.



Recommended props for this class:

• 1-2 yoga blocks (foam, cork, or wood). Sturdy, thick books or firm cushions work as well.

• 1 yoga strap. A soft belt, towel or scarf are great substitutes.

• 1 yoga blanket. A bath towel is a great substitute.

• 1 yoga bolster. A pillow or cushions are a great substitute.

·       2 x cushions


Amazon has all of these props.

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