Why I created a Facebook group for yoga and peri/menopause

Julie Garrido sees an image of herself teaching yoga to a lady outdoors.
New Facebook group for women who want to learn how yoga can ease their peri/menopause symptoms

Apparently, there are around 620 million Facebook groups that serve all kinds of hobbies and interests. But what if there isn’t a group that supports your particular passion? You set one up! And, that’s exactly what I’ve done. Yoga for Peri/Menopause is born.

As you all probably know by now, I am Owner and Founder of Yourself Yoga and my passion is teaching private yoga classes and in particular helping women transition through menopause. I’m already lucky to have found some wonderful clients with whom I can share my knowledge and experience to help them through this difficult stage of life. However, there are thousands of women all across the globe who remain unaware of how yoga can help alleviate their symptoms.

A head and shoulders shot of a smiling Julie Garrido is wearing yoga clothes.
Julie Garrido who has set up 'Yoga for Peri/Menopause.'

And that's the driving force behind setting up Yoga for Peri/Menopause. Bringing yoga to the attention of women who are seeking an holistic remedy for their menopause issues. For those who already practice yoga, the group provides the perfect opportunity to share best tips and advice with like-minded women on how it helps and what works best. Here's a few other benefits that this group will bring.

Is it just for menopause? Yoga for Peri/Menopause is not just aimed at those already in menopause, it also serves those who are in perimenopause – the stage before menopause. On average, this stage can last around eight years and is often just as challenging as menopause itself.

Are the conversations private? The group is for members only, and everyone will be fully vetted before joining. This ensures that we are all on the same path and that we can foster open and honest conversations in confidence. Needless to say really, but it's for ladies only.

Do I have to be a keen yogi? Absolutely not. The group is open to all levels from beginners to advanced practitioners, and to anyone who wants to get a conversation going about yoga and menopause.

What will I gain by joining? As well as receiving help, support, advice and information, you will receive motivation and encouragement from others. And, given that all members are dealing with the same issues, you may even gain your own accountability buddy to keep you on your toes…and on your yoga mat! You may also find light relief knowing you are not the only one who still can’t touch their toes.

In addition, when you join, you will automatically receive a copy of our FREE e-book that explains how yoga can help beat menopause. The book demonstrates a selection of yoga poses that can bring relief to common symptoms. Whilst some are restorative, others are energy boosting, or focus specifically on symptoms such as hot flashes.

So, if you feel this group is relevant to you, please join and let’s create a community together - one that will support our minds and bodies through this demanding transition. Together, we can then take back control of our lives and become the women we once were. Let’s do this ladies!

Click on the link to join: https://www.facebook.com/groups/yogaforperiandmenopause