Your menopause wellbeing score 

Thank you for taking our Menopause Quiz. 

Your commitment to understanding and improving your wellbeing during menopause is a significant step in your journey. It will empower you to make better and informed choices during this transformative phase of life. 

Now you can gain further insight into your wellbeing score and unlock the simple steps that will lead to improvements in your health in menopause. 

What your score says about your wellbeing in menopause

A wellbeing score between 61 and 90 indicates that you're already making positive strides toward a healthier and more balanced life during this transformational stage. Congratulations on your progress!

However, whilst you're doing well, there's still lots more room for improvement, so let this rating be the motivation to continue your journey towards a healthier and fulfilling menopausal experience.

Explore the resources below to help you address specific concerns (particularly in those categories where you scored low), so that you can fine-tune your physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing, and your future self.

Ask yourself this: what’s the ONE thing you can TODAY as a result of this score?

Then congratulate yourself on taking another step closer towards your wellbeing goals.

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