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Discover physical, mental, and emotional balance in menopause with Yin Yoga

Aug 20, 2023

If you’re like most people, you’ve probably heard of Yin yoga but have no idea what it is. Yin yoga is nothing new - it can be traced back over 2,000 years to China – but just recently, it’s become hugely popular. What makes it different from other styles of yoga is that it doesn’t set out to work the muscles. Instead, it physically nourishes the body it at a deeper level, whilst calming the mind too – almost like meditation. But it's in menopause that Yin yoga comes into its own, as it helps to restore our physical, mental, and emotional balance. Check out all these amazing benefits of Yin Yoga:

Improved flexibility

Yin by-passes the muscles to stretch the connective tissues and fascia. This helps to release menopause joint pain which is a common problem experienced by many women and that's caused by tightness around the muscles and poor circulation in the joints. 

Yin yoga reduces stress

In Yin, you hold each pose up to five minutes giving you time to relax, peel away the stress and focus on your breathing. The connective tissues respond best to a slow, steady load and become longer and stronger.

More calm

Yin allows you to listen to your body and opens up space for you to release any negative emotions and thought patterns; leaving you feeling wonderfully refreshed and lighter.

Yin yoga helps develop mental resilience

Yin can be challenging but by mastering the art of breathing, you will learn to find comfort in discomfort. This helps develop mental resilience both on and off the mat and will help you banish negative thinking and brain fog that can arise in menopause

Improved energy flow

By removing energetic blockages, you will improve the health of your organs, boost your immunity and cultivate holistic wellbeing in menopause.

Yin yoga cultivates stillness

People now appreciate the importance of being still, which can be the hardest part of a busy life. This cultivation of stillness is probably one of yoga’s greatest gifts.

The natural complement to traditional yoga

Yin provides the perfect balance for those with fast-paced lives or who have an active yoga practice. It’s also ideal for beginners looking to kick-start a home yoga practice. 

Suitable for everyone

Yin is a practice that everyone can do. It's a passive style of yoga that requires little energy, plus every pose can be easily adapted to suit each person’s degree of flexibility without compromising the benefits. 


So, if want to learn a style of yoga that's focused on bringing balance physically, energetically, and mentally, then look no further than Yin yoga. It could be the perfect way to help find yourself in menopause. 


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