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 Holistic wellbeing in menopause starts here

Whether you’re looking for a natural solution for menopause that doesn’t require medical prescriptions, or you simply want a holistic approach to complement HRT, then you’ve come to the right place

We help women like you reduce your symptoms and improve your wellbeing by taking a holistic approach to mastering your menopause so that you can enjoy a natural menopause safely.

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There's a natural menopause solution for everyone

While Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) and other menopausal treatments work well for some womenthey may not be suitable for everyone. Moreover, not all women choose these treatments; some prefer to manage menopause without medications.

If you're currently undergoing HRT, can you still incorporate natural remedies to alleviate symptoms? Absolutely! Various holistic methods can complement your HRT regimen and may also be helpful as you transition away from relying on HRT. If you're unsure about what holistic methods entail, explore the following questions, for clarity.

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What is holistic wellbeing in menopause?

Holistic wellbeing in menopause is a multi-faceted approach that prioritises the physical, mental, and emotional aspects of your health during this transformative life phase by using natural solutions and practices.

It can lead to reduced physical symptoms, improved mental clarity, focus, and reduced stress, promoting better mental health. Furthermore, it fosters emotional resilience and a positive outlook, nurturing your emotional wellbeing.


What does taking a holistic approach to menopause involve?

It involves looking  at the changes that come with menopause by considering all aspects of your wellbeing. It understands that menopause is more than just a set of symptoms to be managed with medications; rather it’s a natural phase in life that can impact your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. 

What does a holistic approach to menopause include?

Typically, a holistic approach will focus on lifestyle choices, nutrition, stress management, exercise, sleep, natural supplements, emotional wellbeing, personal growth, and mindset as key components of managing menopause. Rather than simply medicating symptoms, it seeks to empower women to thrive during this life transition by addressing the root causes and nurturing their overall health.


Can a holistic approach ease my menopause symptoms?

Indeed, adopting a natural approach to menopause can have an impact on symptom relief but its not just about that. It means looking at the bigger picture beyond just the physical symptoms, and taking into account the mental and emotional changes that come with menopause too. It also prompts you to reflect on your personal development and envision how you want to navigate the phase of your life.


How quickly will I see results from a holistic approach to menopause?

Adopting a holistic approach to menopause can often be frustrating simply because the necessary information and resources can be difficult to access. This frustration of searching for scattered resources and employing a trial-and-error method can test your patience, particularly when you're desperate for help. However, by simply following a structured journey of menopause yoga and meditation, you can start experiencing noticeable improvements in less than three weeks.

How do I assess my wellbeing in menopause?

To help you score your wellbeing in menopause and gain insight into your challenges, we've developed a FREE Menopause Quiz. This short 5-minute wellbeing check will assess your health in menopause across four key categories: physical, mental, emotional, and your vision for your future self.

It will provide a personal score in each of these areas, offering valuable insights into your wellbeing and health. Additionally, it will offer tailored suggestions to address any specific challenges you may have.

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The combination of yoga and HRT for is a blessing

“The combination of yoga and HRT for me has been a blessing. I hope to keep on HRT, but if for some other medical reason I can’t, I know how to manage this change with yoga, meditation, journaling, and a good old chinwag and laugh with my pals.”

~ Katrina M

Mine most definitely involves regular yoga/meditation

“Natural for me, I’m not against HRT and who knows if I might need it in the future but hopefully everything I have now in place will continue to help. Mine most definitely involves regular yoga/meditation, homeopathy and quite a few supplements.”

~ Joanna B

I still feel the benefits of yoga alongside HRT

“I still feel the benefits of yoga alongside HRT. I know that if I do 15-20mins of yoga in the morning, I have a better day physically and mentally. I can definitely feel the difference if I miss a couple of days. It’s definitely complementing the medication."

~ Mandy Y

Explore our natural solutions for menopause

Seeking a natural menopause can be overwhelming. The information is scattered, and it's exhausting to piece it all together. That's where we come in.

 Working with us is straightforward. Our approach is anchored in years of experience and the success stories of women just like you. 

Your holistic wellbeing is our priority and we’ve created a range of solutions to provide natural help for menopause. 

No matter what menopausal stage you’re at, by combining the transformative power of specialised menopause yoga with other holistic practices, you’ll learn that just about anything is possible, including becoming the person you’ve always longed to be. 

Explore our diverse range of menopause programmes to find the one that best suits you. We promise that each one is designed to illuminate your path toward a brighter, symptom-free future. 

Be prepared to embrace the endless possibilities when you catapult your menopause wellbeing to a whole new level.

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Transformation Programmes

Want to overhaul all aspects of your life, from nutrition, sleep and mindset to self-belief and self-worth? Want to master your menopause? Now you can with our series of transformation programmes for holistic wellbeing.

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Menopause Yoga Memberships

Immerse yourself in the magic of online menopause yoga and watch your energy levels increase, your fitness and flexibility improve, and your confidence soar as your and symptoms start to fade away.

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If you’re struggling with negative thoughts and low self-esteem or are desperate to carve out the life you’ve always dreamed of but don’t know how, our short menopause masterclasses will show you just how easy it can be. 

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"Holistic wellbeing in menopause is available to every woman whether they take HRT or not. Its power must never be underestimated."

~ Julie Ann Garrido