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Feeling lost in menopause? Discover 5 smart ways to help find yourself again

Jul 02, 2023

If you’ve ever found yourself thinking “I don't like the person I'm becoming” or wishing you could just be the old you again, then you’re not alone. The physical, mental, and emotional toil that menopause takes can whisk away your confidence and zap your zest for life leaving you feeling aimless and adrift. Of course, friends and family will tell you that they still love you and you will feel soon like yourself again, but when you’re staring in the mirror looking at the shell of the woman you once used to be, it’s pretty hard to imagine. So, if you’re feeling lost and adrift in menopause, here are 5 smart ways to help find yourself again.

1. Find yourself with change:

Menopause is much like an uninvited guest at your life's party, and it sure does bring its own set of changes and challenges. Fighting it, wishing to turn back time, and longing to look and feel like you did in your 30's is like chasing a pot of gold at the rainbow's end - it just ain’t gonna happen. Menopause is as natural as the air we breathe, and yes, it does come with its share of surprises, but guess what? It's not an end, it’s very much a beginning.

Embark on a journey to rediscover yourself

Instead of pining for your past self, why not embark on a journey to rediscover yourself or an even a better version of you? Imagine that! Menopause won’t bring back your 30's, but it can sure open doors to an even more fabulous you. So, what if you got a bit curious about those changes you're experiencing? Consider them opportunities waiting to be explored.

This doesn’t have to be a complete life overhaul or transformation. It's the small, simple changes that can make a world of difference. Maybe switch up your exercise routine like online yoga for menopause, opting for something a bit gentler. Try adding phytoestrogen-rich foods to your diet to give your estrogen levels a boost. Swap your caffeine for soothing herbal teas. And how about introducing some daily journaling to unload those rollercoaster emotions? Or perhaps, try a manifestation meditation to help focus on your dream life?

Embrace the changes that menopause brings, and instead of wishing to turn back time, embark on a journey to discover a better, more fabulous version of yourself through simple, impactful steps.


2. Find yourself with self-care:

Amidst the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, and the overwhelming fatigue that can sometimes plague us, we often put self-care on the back burner, believing we'll get to it when we have more time or when we have more energy or when we have first taken care of others.

The magic of self-care lies in its simplicity

Self-care is not about grand gestures or extravagant spa days (although those are rather lovely, too). It's the small, regular, daily acts of self-love that weave together to help you reclaim your identity and improve your holistic wellbeing.

How about something as simple and as powerful as starting your day with a 10 minute morning yoga sequence or indulge in a Yoga Nidra meditation to help boost your energy levels and find peace and calm? These sacred moments of stillness help provide a foundation of clarity and calm for the day ahead and leave you feeling empowered.

Or what about a leisurely evening bath? Close the door, light the candles, play your favourite music, and simply melt into the warm water. Or what about getting out in the great outdoors with a relaxing walk? Fresh air works wonders and can completely change your perspective. Plus, it's your opportunity to rekindle your connection with the world around you.

Small acts of self-care can have a profound impact on how you perceive yourself and your journey through menopause. And if you feel guilty about taking time out for yourself, always remember, self-care is never selfish; it's important self-love.


3. Find yourself with New Interests:

Menopause isn't just about joint pain, anxiety, and hot flashes – it's also a ticket to find yourself again and rediscover your interests. In fact, it's like being handed the keys to a treasure chest of possibilities. It's high time to embrace the new adventures that await you. And if the kids have left home, it’s your moment to explore and reignite the spark of curiosity that may have flickered during the busy years of homebuilding and childcare.

There are no limits and the possibilities are endless

Imagine this: you can pick up a creative hobby like painting, pottery, gardening, or writing. You can enroll in a class, perhaps to learn a new language or a dance style that always intrigued you. You can embark on an adventure, whether it's a solo journey to a place you've always wanted to visit or discover the life-changing benefits of a menopause wellness retreat.

The beauty of exploring new interests is that there are no limits, and the possibilities are endless. It's a chance to dive headfirst into those interests you've been curious about, those passions that have been nudging you for years. This journey of self-discovery is a gift that menopause offers – the chance to find yourself again and reignite your zest for life.

4. Find yourself with other like-minded souls:

One of the most powerful ways to rediscover yourself is by connecting with others who are on a similar journey. Seek out a menopause support group or social communities filled with other like-minded women going through menopause. Sharing your experiences, challenges, and triumphs with these empathetic individuals can be incredibly uplifting and validating and help you sustain a positive mindset on your menopause journey.

In these groups, you'll find a shared camaraderie and understanding that only those going through the same phase can provide. You can learn from their experiences and gain insights into how others are forging a path through their own menopause.

Interacting with women who have successfully navigated menopause is often a source of inspiration. It's a chance to hear their stories of transformation and discover how they've embraced this stage to become the best versions of themselves.

And, if you take up a new interest like yoga, you can share your hobby and expand your skills on the mat by joining a dedicated group such as Yoga for Menopause. You'll also receive the support and encouragement you need during moments of doubt or frustration.

You'll come to realise that you're not alone in this journey

Sometimes, all it takes is a reassuring word from someone who truly understands what you're going through to help boost your spirits. This sense of community can empower you to embrace the changes in your life, immerse yourself in self-care, explore new interests, and ultimately find the path to rediscovering your best self.

So, don't hesitate to seek out and connect with others who are experiencing the transformative phase of menopause. You'll find that these connections can be a significant source of strength, guidance, and encouragement as you embark on your journey of self-discovery.


5. Find your passion and purpose:

How about going one step further and reconnecting with your dreams and passions? What’s the one thing that you’ve always wanted to do or to become? Buy a house by the sea? Set up your own business? Or maybe you’ve always longed to share your valuable time, knowledge, or talents with the world? Whatever it is, it’s never too late to start manifesting your dreams.

A vision board is a wonderful way to start this process

A vision board is a creative and fun way to visualise your goals, dreams, and desires, you can start by gathering images, words, and symbols that resonate with you and represent the life you want to create during and after menopause.

As you create your vision board, reflect on the activities and hobbies that have brought you the most joy throughout your life. Are there passions you've set aside or forgotten about? Rekindle your love for these activities, whether it's painting, dancing, writing, or anything that lights a fire within you.

Menopause can often promp women to reevaluate their purpose and direction in life and become a time of transformation. Use this time to contemplate your life's purpose and how you can make a positive impact on the world.

Your vision board will not only serve as a source of inspiration but also as a reminder of the goals you've set for yourself during menopause. Whether it's improving your health, enhancing your relationships, or pursuing a new career path, your vision board will help keep you on track.

Place your vision board in a spot where you can see it daily. Let it inspire you and reinforce your commitment to living a fulfilling and purpose-driven life. This process can help you rediscover the things that truly matter to you and set a road map for your future. All that needs to be done then is start manifesting your dreams and desires.


Embrace the transformation that menopause offers

Menopause is not the end of the road; it's a unique opportunity for a thrilling new beginning and to change your life. You can rediscover yourself and become the vibrant, confident, and resilient woman you've always been. Embrace this transformation and use it as an opportunity to find yourself in the midst of change. You've got this, and we’re here for you cheering you on every step of the way!

If you’re struggling with menopause and wish to embark on a journey of transformation, explore our best-selling programmes that will help restore your health, vitality, and wellbeing, and most importantly, they will help you find yourself again.

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About Julie Ann Garrido:

For over 30 years, Julie successfully ran her own PR company until her horrible perimenopause symptoms took hold and turned her world upside down. Not only was she physically exhausted, she suffered with low moods, negative thinking, loss of confidence, self-limiting beliefs, and crippling anxiety. She became a person she no longer recognised and simply wanted to hide away.

Unhappy with a medical approach to menopause, she turned to yoga to alleviate her struggles, and at the age of 53, she found the natural solution she’s had been searching for.

After regularly practicing 10 minutes morning yoga at home, she noticed that many of her symptoms were vanishing. She had more energy, she slept better, her confidence retuned, she felt more in control, and no longer hobbled around with joint pain.

I found the motivation to overhaul other areas of my life too

Her new-found confidence saw the old Julie return, along with someone new - the person she had always longed to be. But she wasn’t done yet. Julie began overhauling her nutrition, switched to a positive mindset, immersed herself in manifestation, and made other lifestyle changes that filled her with passion and purpose. This process of transformation had brought back her lost vitality and wellbeing.

"I found a new and better version of me in menopause. By embarking on a journey of transformation using holistic solutions, you too can find yourself again and start living your life to the full."

~ Julie Ann Garrido