Traditional ink pen writing the words 'manifest' in black on a blank sheet of paper to symbolise the power of manifestation

Master Menopause with the power of manifestation: turn your Dreams into Reality

Dec 03, 2023

Menopause is a profound and transformative chapter in every woman’s life. But it's not just a biological shift. As your body undergoes changes, so too does your mind, creating a unique opportunity for you to open the doors to self-discovery and the pursuit of your dreams. In this blog, we’ll delve into the connection between menopause and the power of manifestation, exploring how this natural life stage can serve as a launch pad for turning your dreams into reality. After all, post-menopause is the last chapter, so let’s make the best one yet.

Welcoming the power of manifestation in menopause

Menopause is not just the end of menstrual cycles or just about hot flashes and mood swings; it's a pivotal moment where your body signals that you're entering a new chapter. Physically, things are changing, but it's also an opportunity for your mind to undergo a transformation too. It’s almost like a backstage pass to re-evaluate your priorities, and when approached with a positive mindset, it can serve as a catalyst for introspection, prompting you to re-examine your beliefs, values, and life goals.

This new emotional landscape while occasionally challenging, unveils an opportunity for personal growth and opportunities. Now’s the time to shed expectations, emerge as a stronger version of yourself, and get ready to embrace the journey that lies ahead. And, if you want to take it a notch higher, get ready to welcome the power of manifestation.

Embracing the Power of Manifestation:

Within this shifting landscape, the practice of manifestation becomes particularly potent. But first of all, let's demystify ‘manifestation’. It's not some woo-woo concept; it's simply about focusing on the positive to make positive things happen. At its core, manifestation is the process of turning your thoughts and desires into tangible reality.

The philosophy underlying manifestation is often rooted in the idea that our thoughts and energy can influence the world around us. Instead of wishing upon a star and hoping for a magical transformation; manifestation involves aligning your thoughts, beliefs, and actions to attract positive outcomes. And guess what? Menopause sets up the perfect stage to make ‘thoughts become things’.

Your mindset is shifting, and, with the right kind of intentionality, you can decide to feel empowered. This newfound inner strength can become a potent force in the manifestation process. The ability to focus on positive thoughts and beliefs becomes not only a coping mechanism for the challenges of menopause but also a powerful pathway to create the life you envision and deserve.

However, the real power of manifestation in menopause lies in the blank canvas upon which you can paint your latest dreams. It’s likely that the kids have flown the nest, your career is coming to an end and perhaps you have more time, financial stability, and freedom. All of these changes can herald a gateway to a new life shaped not by limitations and lack but by the boundless potential that exists within each of us.

Cast your vision

Maybe you’ve spent too many years working in a job that doesn’t fulfil you, or maybe you have a hobby or passion that you’d now love to turn into a small and exciting business? Or perhaps, you simply want to retire and live your best life by the sea?

We all harbour dreams - but sadly life seems to get in the way, and before we know it, they have simply withered away. We get stuck in patterns of thoughts and behaviour that squash any hope of change. Is that you? If so, it’s time to cast your vision for your next chapter.

Casting a vision for yourself is a pivotal step in this transformative journey and starts to unlock the power of manifestation. Casting a vision isn't about goal setting, nor is it a to-do list, it's about declaring to yourself and the universe what you want. Don’t think about the ‘nice-to haves’, think about what you really, really want, if there were no financial constraints or limitations. Yep, that’s right; go big, or go home.

So, pause for a moment and ask yourself what do you really, really want? What makes your heart dance. What lights you up? What are those dreams you long tucked away?

Look at your life from several angles. For example, it could be from a personal or career perspective, or relationships, family, adventure, and passions. Write down your inner most desires under each category and transfer them on to a vision board. Then, congratulate yourself on laying the foundations for your manifestation journey to begin.

Tapping into the power of manifestation

With your vision board complete, it’s now time to tap into the power of manifestation. To help you get started, here’s a variety of tools you can use to start turning your dreams into reality.


Think of your vision board and start to create vivid mental images of your dreams. This involves imagining the details of your goals with as much clarity as possible by engaging all your senses – see, hear, feel, and even smell the success you're envisioning. Try practicing this first thing in the morning and right before you go to bed – it’s a great way to start and end the day.


These are positive statements that reinforce a belief in your ability to make your dreams come true. Create affirmations that reflect your dreams. Repeat them regularly, especially in moments of doubt or challenge. For example, "I am confident and capable of achieving my dreams." Write them down and repeat them out loud multiple times a day.

Gratitude Practice:

Nowhere is the power of manifestation better exemplified than gratitude. By acknowledging and appreciating what you already have in your life will serve to attract even more.

Regularly take time to express gratitude for the things you have, the experiences you've had, and the progress you're making. This can be through a journal, mentally listing things, or expressing gratitude out loud. A mindset of abundance creates even more abundance.

Mindfulness and Meditation:

These practices help you to stay present and focused. They reduce mental clutter and create space for clarity in your thoughts and could be as simple as taking a few minutes each day to focus on your breath, clear your mind, and centre yourself. Try listening to a guided manifestation meditation before you go to sleep to help programme your subconscious mind to work on your dreams while you sleep.

Remember, manifestation is a personal journey, and different techniques work for different people. Consistency and belief in the process are key. The goal is to cultivate a positive mindset, align your actions with your dreams, and, in doing so, invite the reality you desire into your life.

Conclusion: mastering menopause with the power of manifestation

In the symphony of life, menopause emerges as a crescendo, not a finale. Think of it as the opening act to a spectacular show, the beginning of a new chapter where your dreams now take center stage. By harnessing the power of manifestation, you can not only weather the changes that menopause brings, but you can actively shape the narrative of your life and  start to make your dreams come true. Stop wishing upon a star and get ready to turn those dreams into reality – so, really, what are you waiting for?  

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