Open laptop placed on yoga mat shows Menopause Yoga Teacher Julie Ann Garrido teaching a 10-minute morning yoga sequence

Why a simple 10 Minute Morning Yoga routine at home can dramatically Improve your Menopause Symptoms

Nov 02, 2023

Most public yoga classes tend to be around 1 hour or longer. These classes not only demand a great deal of our time, they also require a high level of energy and motivation - both of which can be in short supply in menopause. But that doesn’t mean you have to abandon your yoga, quite the opposite. Here we explore why a simple 10 Minute Morning Yoga routine at home can dramatically improve your menopause symptoms and help you start your day on the right foot.

10 minutes morning yoga boosts your immune system:

There’s no two ways about it but every time we step on our yoga mat, we detoxify the body. A simple 10 minute morning yoga stretch enables us to release the stagnant energy that accumulates overnight to wake up all the body’s systems. This enhances the flow of circulation and gives the immune system an immediate boost.

Improved energy levels:

Our energy levels become more depleted during menopause. Tackling 1-hour classes is not for the faint hearted – unless it’s a restorative class which involves virtually no movement – whereas a 10 minute morning yoga routine at home doesn’t tax our energy in the same way. In fact, it give us more energy as the body starts to move and fire up all its systems.

Less stress:

With anxiety levels rising in menopause, our nervous system can take a battering. However, by committing to a regular 10 minute morning yoga routine we allow our nervous system to begin the day in a far more relaxed state. Our levels of cortisol (the stress hormone) are already high in the mornings which givesus the boost we need to wake up, but if cortisol levels rise quickly due to added stress, we set ourselves up for an equally stressful day. Short bursts of yoga enable the body to switch off the ‘fight or flight’ stress response; thereby reducing stress levels.

A better mood with just 10 minutes morning yoga:

Typically, when we leave our yoga practice until the end of the day, motivation wanes, energy dips and just about everything else in life takes over. It’s self-sabotage at its finest. However, by committing to a 10 minute morning yoga routine, we prioritise our wellbeing, seize the day, improve our mood, and develop a positive mindset. And boy does it feel good to put ourselves first for a change.

Less aches & pains:

Overnight the layers of connective tissue (fascia) and bodily fluid between our muscles become denser and tighter. If we don’t move and stretch our body upon waking, our muscles feel stiff and tight, and menopause joint pain rears its ugly head A simple 10 minute morning yoga stretch will help keep those menopausal aches and pains at bay.

Improved flexibility:

During menopause, our flexibility becomes more compromised as estrogen dries out the tissues surrounding our joints. Practicing a 10 minute morning yoga sequence just 3-4 times per week is much more beneficial for our joints as regular stretching helps to keep them lubricated.

Feel calm and grounded in just 10 minutes:

It’s quite common in menopause to feel tense and irritable and suffer from anxiety, which is where meditation comes in. Meditating brings unlimited benefits and starting our day with even a few minutes (ideally after morning yoga) can have profound effects in a short time. Feeling calm and grounded in menopause is worth its weight in gold.

Improved digestion:

It’s alleged that our overall wellbeing is determined by the health of our digestive system and in menopause this can be severely compromised. By practicing just 10 minutes yoga in the morning, we boost the body’s metabolism and digestive system. When the internal organs have been gently massaged by yoga, the digestive system is able to release toxins and properly metabolising the vitamins and minerals from our foods. 

Better focus:

Say goodbye to menopause brain fog with regular short bursts of yoga. Even just 10 minutes of yoga can significantly heighten our productivity and alertness throughout the rest of the day. Over time, it will improve memory recall, focus, and concentration too.

10 minutes morning yoga regularly for a toned body:

As we age and particularly in menopause, we can soon begin to lose our muscle tone. Our muscles have memories and by working them often, they keep their integrity and ability to perform better.Introducing a 10 minute morning yoga routine will help to keep the muscles working which results in a toned and stronger body.  

Get happy:

The challenges that menopause brings can quickly rob us of feeling happy, however the boost from a morning yoga practice is one of the most beneficial reasons to practice in the mornings. In a study conducted by the Yoga Biomedical Trust in London, 94% of participants with anxiety were significantly helped by practicing yoga regularly each morning, and 82% of those with insomnia reported valuable benefits too. Even if it’s just a 10 minute morning yoga stretch, it’s worth it to bring on that happy feeling.


Practicing a simple 10-minute morning yoga routine can dramatically improve your menopause experience. It doesn't have to be every day either; women in our menopause yoga memberships report significant improvements after practicing just 3-4 times per week. Whether you're new to yoga or an experienced yogi, a 10-minute morning routine offers a passport to a smoother, healthier, and more empowered journey through

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About Julie Ann Garrido:

For over 30 years, Julie successfully ran her own PR company until her menopause symptoms took hold and turned her world upside down. Not only was she physically exhausted, she suffered with low moods, negative thinking, loss of confidence, self-limiting beliefs, and crippling anxiety. She became a person she no longer recognised and simply wanted to hide away.

Unhappy with a medical approach to menopause, she turned to yoga to alleviate her struggles, and at the age of 53, she found the natural solution she’s had been searching for.

After regularly practicing short bursts of yoga at home, she noticed that many of her symptoms were vanishing. She had more energy, she slept better, her confidence retuned, she felt more in control, and no longer hobbled around with joint pain.

Realising that menopausal women felt uncomfortable with their size and shape, and didn’t have the confidence to attend a yoga studio, she was determined to bring menopause yoga to their homes - yoga that would easily fit into busy schedules, and that would take women on a journey to wellbeing and transformation in menopause. Moreover, she wanted women to enjoy a natural menopause like she did.

Julie developed My Yoga Journey, an online platform for women to accessaffordable, beginner-friendly menopause yoga from the sanctuary of their own homes.

The success of My Yoga Journey is nothing short of astonishing. As well as introducing yoga to countless women who have significantly improved their symptoms, it has helped them transform their lives as a result of their new-found confidence and energy. Many of her members go on to join Julie regularly at her menopause wellness retreats.

“My mission is simple: I want every woman to know that there’s an effective natural solution for menopause. It doesn’t have to be HRT.

~ Julie Ann Garrido