Yourself Yoga's 'Embracing Change' menopause day retreat in October '24 with autumn leaves g

Embrace change and transformation at our menopause day retreat

Are you feeling overwhelmed with all the changes that menopause brings? Have you lost your inner spark? Do you struggle to make positive changes that last? 

If you can relate to any of the above, then we have you covered with our Menopause Day Retreat in the centrally-located West Midlands. 

Be prepared never to feel quite the same again!

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Woman sitting crossed legged in meditation at a Yourself Yoga menopause day retreat
Group of women standing & kneeling smiling at Julie Ann Garrido's Menopause day retreat in Shropshire, '24
A tray filled with smoothies and fresh fruit served at a Yourself Yoga menopause day retreat

A menopause day retreat like no other

Exclusively designed for ladies at all stages of menopause who want to shake off their symptoms and unlock their true potential, this menopause day retreat offers a unique experience of self-care and learning that will lead you to embrace all the changes at this stage of life and celebrate empowerment….all within ONE DAY!

From the minute you step into our beautiful venue, your shoulders will drop, and your tension will melt away as you disconnect and let go of your cares and responsibilities. When you leave, you will feel like you’ve spent a whole weekend away!

Through gentle yoga, soothing meditation, breathing practices, journaling, and an immersive sound bath experience, you will start to reawaken feelings of vitality and energy.

Combined with two workshops, you will start to gain a clear roadmap for the journey ahead.

Add in a sprinkle of camaraderie and connection with other ladies who are all on the same path, and this menopause day retreat will enable you to connect to your mind and body, calm your senses, stimulate your creativity, make friends, and learn new skills ALL WITHIN A DAY!!

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Come press pause and reset - you have permission

Whether it's on the mat, or in our guided meditations and journaling, you will learn how to soothe your symptoms via a range of holistic practices and new habits that can all be repeated at home.

During this relaxing menopause day retreat, you will practice gentle styles of yoga that are suitable for yoga beginners. A variety of meditations will leave you feeling calm and grounded and your mind will be opened to the power of journaling in menopause.

If some of these practices are new to you, this is an ideal opportunity to become acquainted. 

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Physically I felt less achy and more energised. Mentally I felt in a really good place. I was quite emotional during the retreat too. I felt like I’d found me!

Loved the yoga, sound bath and chanting, very informative workshops, meeting everyone, I could probably go on and on, it was fantastic!

¬†I felt physically stronger, totally grounded, calm and yet like I could take on the world. Ready to embrace anything that comes my way. ūüėä

Montage image of Julie Ann Garrido teaching yoga at a menopause day retreats in UK countryside

Your Menopause Day Retreat Itinerary

Don't be fooled by our limited time together, for we have a fantastic schedule planned to show you all that's possible within a day retreat. 

Arrive at 9.00am and depart at 4.45pm 


9.00am ‚Äď Welcome with tea, coffee, fruit smoothie, & snack

9.30am ‚Äď Calming breathwork followed by gentle yoga session & journaling

10.30am - Tea, coffee, & cookies

11.00am ‚Äď Open Circle

11.30am - Workshop: The Secrets to Mastering Menopause

12.15pm ‚Äď A guided Meditation for transformation with a sound bath

12.45pm ‚Äď Two-course vegetarian buffet lunch all freshly prepared (Vegan options are available at the time of booking)



1.45pm ‚Äď Workshop: The Road To Transformation

2.30pm ‚Äď Relaxing restorative yoga session followed by balancing breathwork & journaling

3.30pm ‚Äď Tea, coffee, & homemade afternoon tea cake

4.00pm ‚Äď Closing Circle & Reflections

4.30pm ‚Äď Leave feeling EMPOWERED!


Includes all of the above PLUS:

✅ Embracing Change journal

✅ Small gift bag

✅ Vegetarian lunch & refreshments



Travel to/from the retreat

Yoga mat & props

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Our Menopause Day Retreat Venue

Our Menopause Day Retreat will be held at The Fairlawns Hotel & Spa located in Aldridge on the outskirts of Birmingham. Set in nearly 12 acres of landscaped grounds, the hotel boasts some of the best spa and wellness facilities in the West Midlands along with an award-winning restaurant.

Our wellness space for the day is a spacious and comfortable self-contained suite with plenty of natural daylight and a separate space for lunch and workshops. Complete with its own terrace for a breath of fresh air, this luxurious suite features ample space to enjoy all the activities in a wonderful calm and peaceful setting. You can even enjoy a short stroll in the grounds.

Better still, why not pamper yourself at the spa with an overnight stay? As a retreat attendee, you benefit from a 10% discount on your room.
Interior sign saying welcome to Fairlawns, the venue for a Yourself Yoga menopause day retreat in Aldridge, Oct '24

This day retreat was amazing! It left me feeling balanced and refreshed and really positive for what comes next. Bring it on!

How will a menopause day retreat help me?


Physical release - by letting go of physical stress and tension, you will feel lighter and more at ease.

Mental release - by saying goodbye to the endless negative turmoil, you can welcome a more positive mindset.

Emotional release ‚Äď by reducing anxiety and overwhelm, you will feel more relaxed and refreshed.

Bonding¬†‚Äď by connecting with like-minded women, you will know that you're not alone on this journey.

Learn new daily habits - by learning how to create new daily habits, you will begin to make lasting changes. 

Find positivity - by exploring the positive sides of menopause, you will feel more inspired to embrace change. 

Empowerment - by becoming more empowered, you can start to transform your life.

PLUS, so much more.

Come and join this amazing menopause day retreat, but HURRY!


Meet the host of your menopause day retreat 

Julie Ann Garrido first started her yoga journey when she was 53 after suffering from chronic menopause symptoms. After discovering just how much yoga played a part in her wellness, she became a qualified yoga teacher specialising in menopause, and she now helps countless women navigate this time of change through her yoga programmes, private coaching, and menopause retreats. One thing’s for sure, once you've attended this menopause day retreat, your life will change for the better, and your journey to wellness will truly begin.

Leader of the ‚ÄėEmbracing Change‚Äô Menopause Day Retreat in Oct '24, Julie Ann Garrido, seated cross legged wearing yoga gear

I came away from my day retreat knowing that I was not alone on my menopause journey. I loved meeting new people and can't wait for the next one!

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